Monday, November 08, 2010

Can't Find Faulta With Peralta

When this post was conceived, there was the overwhelming urge to ask the Detroit Tigers just what the heck they were doing in signing Jhonny Peralta to a two year deal worth nearly six mil a season. Really? Jhonny Peralta. But then, after taking a look at this stats, the contract really isn't that bad a deal for the Tigers.

Peralta had one really bad year in 2009. He bounced back to his career norms for 2010 (though he didn't play that well for Detroit after he was traded). But those career norms average around $6 million a year in value. Peralta is a reliable fielder with good range at third (but not at short) with a good arm. His defensive numbers have been reliably on the north side of zero for most of his career. Like his offense, Peralta's defense suffered a bit after he was traded to the Tigers. But perhaps that can be explained by a lack of comfort in being thrown into a new arrangement after years at Cleveland.

Peralta will give you 15 to 18 homers a year with 30+ doubles thrown in. His OPS+ has averaged just around the league norm. He strikes out too much and gives you a walk occasionally, but he won't kill you with his offense. Plus, he is only 28 years old and should be in his peak years. Two years at almost $12 million for a guy who has an average worth of $6 million is not signing Peralta at below market value, but at least his next two seasons should be peak and the deal could become a bargain.

It's funny how sometimes perception becomes reality in one's mind. This Fan has never been impressed with Peralta. The Tigers have already signed Inge though, so Peralta will play short? If that is the case, the Fan likes the deal a little less because Peralta at shortstop is not his best position. But it's not a bad move. It may not be the juiciest deal for Tigers' fans, but at least it wasn't stupid or something like this Fan at first thought.

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