Monday, November 08, 2010

Forget Martin! Simmons For Hall of Fame!

The 2010 ballot for the Hall of Fame: Loser's Brackett was announced today. George Steinbrenner and Marvin Miller seem like overly logical picks. Both had the kind of impact on the game that demands a place in Cooperstown. But forget about Billy Martin or anyone else that is listed in this second chance, "veterans committee." The only other player who really needs to get elected is Ted Simmons. Simmons, who was just hired by the Seattle Mariners front office, is really in the argument as one of the best fifteen catchers to ever play the game.

Let's look at some of Simmons' numbers:

Stat/Rank Among Catchers All time
  1. Hits Total: 2472 - 2nd (behind Pudge Rodriguez)
  2. Hits as catcher: 7th
  3. One of only 14 catchers ever to have a .300/.400./.500 season
  4. Homers Total: 242 - 10th
  5. Runs Batted in: 1389 - 2nd
  6. Batting Average: .289 - 14th
  7. Doubles: 483 - 2nd
  8. Total Bases - 3793 - 3rd
  9. Runs Generated (RG) - 75 - 9th

Add to the list is that Simmons is thirteenth on the all time list for games caught. Pete Palmer has a stat called TPR that tries to measure the best offensive catchers ever. According to his calculations,  Simmons is the ninth best offensive catcher to play the game. Since there are already thirteen catchers in the Hall of Fame, shouldn't Ted Simmons be in there too?

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Josh Borenstein said...

Good call. You've convinced me he needs to be in there.