Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marlins Deal Uggla to the Braves - Buck Almost Signed?

The Florida Marlins acted very quickly once they could not secure a deal with Dan Uggla. As soon as negotiations broke down, apparently they were on the phone shopping him around. On Tuesday, the deal was completed with the Braves. Atlanta gets Uggla for a year at a decent salary and a shot at signing him for longer (if they so choose). The Marlins get flame thrower (and walk giver) Mike Dunn (25) and Omar Infante, the super sub who made the All Star team last year.

This writer applauds the deal for both sides. The Marlins lose some power but gain a slicker fielding second baseman with some flexibility. Infante is also a year younger than Uggla and is inexpensive (always a plus for the Marlins). The Marlins also get a big arm in Mike Dunn. Dunn, a former 33rd round draft pick by the Yankees, struck out 27 batters in 19 innings for the Braves and pitched well in the playoffs. Unfortunately, he also walked 14 batters. If the Marlins can cut down the latter and still get the former, Dunn could be a big arm for them in the pen.

The Braves get what they needed too. The Braves struggled several times in 2010 on offense and Uggla should greatly help them in that category. The scary thought though is Uggla and Chipper Jones (if he can make it back) in the same infield. Ugh. But Uggla is a solid producer and with McCann and Heyward, will make quite the middle of the line up for the Braves.

The Fan still thinks the Marlins offered Uggla a fair deal and they did the right thing in getting some value for him when they couldn't reach an agreement. The Marlins showed some forthrightness in moving on this so quickly. This appears to be a good deal for both teams.

The same sourced article linked above indicates that the Marlins are close to signing John Buck as their catcher. Buck had a very good year for the Blue Jays last year and can replace a little of the power the Marlins are losing with Uggla. But caution should be shown here. The Marlins ball park isn't like the SkyDome when it comes to homers flying out of there.


bobook said...

Tuesday's sportstalk radio announced the signing of Buck. Newspapers wrote that owner Luria peeved over Uggla's snub-la. Speculation is he just didn't want to remain with the Marlins. He was asking for a 5-year deal or more money short-term. Do you see Chipper returning? I don't. How can you? Prado's got to remain at 2nd, Uggla takes his clink to 3rd and the Braves should have a heck of a line-up. One just ended but I'm revved up for next season already. What's happened to my Indios de Mayaguez? Ay, Dios mio!!

William J. Tasker said...

I think the Buck signing will haunt the Marlins. He was in the perfect situation in Toronto but he isn't any more. Perhaps I will be wrong though.

As for Chipper: My prediction is that he will play a half a season and retire. As a proud player, he didn't want to end his career with an injury. So he'll play a little and then call it quits.

My feeling was the Uggla wanted to stay in Florida (who wouldn't!) but when he snubbed their deal, it angered them and his Marlin days were over. But at least he is only going ten hours north to another good situation for him. It was a nice landing for Uggla.

I couldn't translate your last sentence.

Josh Borenstein said...

I thought the Marlins' offer to Uggla was fair. Prado and Dunn are not a good haul for him, though.