Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Uggla Was the Smart One

It's time to eat a little crow. A while back, this writer observed that Uggla was an idiot for turning the Marlins down for a guaranteed four year deal worth $48 million. With Uggla turning 31 in March, the Marlins offer seemed more than fair and was above dollar projections for Uggla over the next four years. This writer ridiculed Uggla for turning that down. The Fan assumed nobody else would go that high. Well, Uggla was right and this Fan is an idiot as the Braves have given Uggla $62 million over five years. So not only did Uggla get the extra year he wanted, he also got $400,000 more a year than the Marlins' deal would have paid him.

While the Fan is enjoying his roasted crow, let this writer at least say that the Braves are out of their freakin' minds. Again, Uggla will be 31 in 2010. He has no glove and all of his value has to come on offense. Baseball Prospectus doesn't believe he will be with 75% of that over the life of the contract. The Fan agrees.

Look, the Fan isn't ragging on Uggla as a player. Right now, he is worth the $12 to $15 million he will make a year. He's been a constant power source for five years now. That should continue another couple of years. But when he's 34? 35? No, he won't be anything near the type of player he is now.

But you have to hand it to Dan Uggla. He held out for what he wanted. He played the market just right and got the figures and time he was looking for. Good on him. Dan Uggla was right. This writers was way wrong.

And now the Fan is getting ready for his second crow dinner as soon as Beltre's deal is announced...

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