Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some Amazing Lance Berkman 2011 Facts

Before the season started, Lance Berkman was this writer's pick for Comeback Player of the Year. Wasn't that genius? The year he is having for the St. Louis Cardinals has truly been one of the coolest stories of 2011. We can't be concerned about whether Berkman can keep up his heroics. We can't worry about whether he will get hurt. All we can do is enjoy the ride as long as it lasts. After his game winning single sailed over the center fielder's head last night to beat the Phillies, the thought struck this Fan that Berkman got that hit batting right-handed. And that's just part of the interesting story of Lance Berkman's 2011 season.

Here are some facts concerning Berkman's amazing season:

  • Lance Berkman has a career OPS as a right-handed batter of .783. He's made his career on batting left-handed, where is OPS is over one for his career. Last year, his OPS as a right-handed batter was .517. Yeah, .517. He hit just one homer that way. The year before (2009), his OPS against lefties was .710. This year? As a right-handed batter, his OPS (before last night's game) is 1.098!
  • Before last night's game, Berkman had played as many games for the Cardinals this year as he played for the Yankees last year. In those same 37 games, he has 21 more runs scored, 15 more hits, two more doubles, ten more homers, 25 more ribbies and two more walks. The Yankees have to be scratching their heads.
  • Lance Berkman has walked more than once in a game this season seven times. He is on pace to walk more than 90 times this season.
  • Lance Berkman has not been on base in only six of his 38 games this season.
  • Berkman now has ten go-ahead hits this season. What that means is that ten times this season, his hit has put the Cardinals ahead when they were either behind or tied.
  • Of Berkman's 35 RBIs, 27 of them have plated either Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday or himself.
  • Lance Berkman has walked more than he's struck out this season.
  • Berkman has an OPS at home of 1.126. His OPS on the road is 1.142.
  • Lance Berkman has a .526 on base percentage at home this season.
  • Berkman has only popped out to the infield once all season.
  • Berkman's fWAR of 2.1 is already tied with his entire 2010 season.
  • Lance Berkman is making $8 million this season and has already provided the Cardinals with $9.6 million in value.

One could say that Lance Berkman is having fun again. One could also say that Cardinal fans have a new hero to love.  His season is just a fabulous story and this Fan is enjoying every single moment in watching it develop.

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