Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Game Picks - Tuesday: May 29, 2012

Memorial Day was memorable for this old game-picker as the picks went 13-3 for the day. The only blemishes all day were a Royals loss, an Astros loss and Barry Zito bamboozling this picker and the Diamondbacks. But other than that, it all came up roses.

Without over-thinking things too much, it is probably best to launch right into the picks for Tuesday as like Cory Wade, tomorrow (now today) is another day:

  • The Cubs over the Padres: Two in a row for the Cubbies! Jeff Samardzija over Eric Stults in the day's only day game.
  • The Reds over the Pirates: James McDonald came up big for the Pirates against the Reds, but Charlie Morton is another kettle of fish. Homer Bailey has been pitching pretty well for the Reds lately.
  • The Indians over the Royals: Justin Masterson is getting nasty again after a rough start to his season. Will Smith gets another start and it won't go any better than his first one.
  • The Blue Jays over the Orioles: Ricky Romero should be a lock at home and the Orioles are scuffling a bit now. Jake Arrieta will give up at least one long ball.
  • The Bay Rays over the White Sox: James Shields is still terrific and Phlip Humber just hasn't been the same since his perfect game. Hideki Matsui will make his debut for the Rays. That will be interesting.
  • The Tigers over the Red Sox: Man, those Tigers were robbed on Monday. What a bad day by the umpires. Replay, replay, replay! Justin Verlander will beat the Red Sox and Daniel Bard.
  • The Cardinals over the Braves: The Cards have got their swagger back and the Braves have hit a real rough patch. Jake Westbrook over Randall Delgado.
  • The Marlins over the Nationals: Anibal Sanchez is still the best pitcher nobody knows about. He should be better than Edwin Jackson.
  • The Rangers over the Mariners: The M's simply can't keep up with the Rangers offense. Scott Feldman gets another start and is getting more and more stretched out. Jason Vargas will be the Rangers' latest victim.
  • The Athletics over the Twins: Tough game to call. Going with Jarrod Parker over Cole De Vries.
  • The Yankees over the Angels: Another really tough game to figure. Andy Pettitte gets a real test with a hot Angels' offense and Dan Haren was really at his best his last time out. This game won't end with seventeen runs scored.
  • The Brewers over the Dodgers: Uhh....What do you do with a pitching match-up of Michael Fiers and Nathan Eovaldi? Pick a team and hope, that's what.
  • The Giants over the Diamondbacks: Ryan Vogelsong is having a nice month of May. Joe Saunders is not. End of story.

And the Game of the Day!

  • The Phillies over the Mets: Joe Blanton has become indispensable. Who saw that coming? He beats the Mets and young Jeremy Hefner.

Yesterday: 13-3
Week: 22-9
Month: 203-175
Season: 392-324
Games of the Day: 31-21

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