Thursday, July 19, 2012

BBA LinkFest - General forget-me-nots

After a two week absence, it is again time to travel the world in a link-o-rama of the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Besides, we have a new president now and the Fan has to impress him. Hehe. Seriously, things have been busy here. The house is up for sale and that is so stressful trying to make an old pig look like a rose for people to look at. Naw, it's not really a pig. Or old. In between all of that, there is writing for other sites and getting ready to migrate from here to a new WordPress site: Lookitthat! The Fan's own URL!

Anyway, the links below represent the best of who we are as an organization of writers. Please give a click and enjoy some really great writing filled with humor and insight. Since it has been a couple of weeks, we'll go alphabetically from the beginning:

Eugene Tierney has a great post over at 85% Sports on how much teams spent on their draft picks and what it means with the new rules covering the draft.

Our friend over at The Ball Caps Blog has had an eventful summer moving from the West Coast to the East Coast. But that move culminated in this post that shows in symbolism that the transition is nearly complete.

Stevo-sama, the great writer of The Baseball Enthusiast recently visited Coors Field. Fortunately for us, we were taken along for the ride. What great fun!

Baseball Unrated puts a bow on the first half. How many of the half season award picks do you agree with?

Glad somebody covered this! Call to the Pen's Kyle Davis gives us a sneak peak at Pete Rose's new reality show.

Over at Mario Salvini's Che Palle! Salvini gives us the results of a photo contest won covering a baseball game and its fans. While some of the beauty of Salvini's piece gets lost in the Italian translation, the post is moving because it shows how universal baseball is around the world.

Matt Whitener of Cheap.Seats.Please. catches up on the summer with some great insights. And he has some links of his own.

Crack of the Bat loves the Futures Game. Good call. Thanks for the coverage!

Good buddy, TheNaturalMevs, reports on a big game win for the Washington Nationals and is beginning to believe. Over at Diamond Hoggers.

Dugout 24 has the story of one of the most amazing baseball card collections ever found. Very cool.

The OCP took a survey on "clutch" and reports his answers over at For Baseball Junkies. Interesting!

T.J. McDonald of Full Spectrum Baseball takes a fresh look at what has happened to Tim Lincecum. Excellent article!

You probably did not know that Giancarlo Stanton had a highlight reel of his High School football highlights. Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero found it. The kid had game! But it does sort of explain the knee thing.

This link compiler loves it when Grubby Glove does historic player perspectives. This one is on Wally Moon. Superb piece.

The Hall of Very Good continues its countdown in its HOVG Heroes series. This one is on Willie McGee and is well written by Gordon Holmes. And make sure you stop by there on Friday for a very special event!

Theo of Hot Corner Harbor continues his excellent series on retired numbers. This time he arrives at the home of the Angels. Theo, you should put these together when you are done and make an e-book!

Left Field thinks there is no better baseball excitement than no-hitters and near no-hitters. Agree completely. Here is his great piece on the subject. And can you guess the lyrics without looking at the comments?

Love this piece! has coverage of when a few former...uh...personalities come home to Chicago. And what an appropriate heading.

While this Fan's piece over at MLB Dirt stirred up a little dust, there was much more fondness for this Jonathan Mitchell piece on a very overlooked reliever.

Over at the prolific MLB Reports site, Chuck Booth has an excellent post on parity in Major League Baseball.

Nik over at Niktig's Baseball Blog is going through a series on mid-season grades for each team. This one covers the Marlins.

What a cool idea! MTD of Off Base Percentage gives us a rundown on the All Star Game's payroll. Awesome!

Old Time Family Baseball (and we) has some fun with some of Jay Buhner's body problems.

Geoff Ratliff of Pop Fly Boys gives us eight reasons the Dodgers should go all in at the trade deadline. Good stuff.

The Platoon Advantage always has great stuff. This compiler's favorite was a guest post(?) by David G. Temple. Loved it.

Replacement Level Baseball Blog has a very interesting point about how the wild card teams are selected. Never would have thought of this without this post!

The Sports Banter presents an imagined conversation between Jon Heyman and Scott Boras.

Sully, of Sully Baseball fame, thinks that Matt Kemp could still win the MVP Award. If the Dodgers win the west, Sully could be correct.

Chad Jones of Through the Fence Baseball wonders if Andrew McCutchen is having the best season ever for a Pirate player.

Over at X-Log, Jonathan Dyer has an excellent post that details how the Padres stole a game from the Dodgers.

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed those articles and we'll see you next Thursday for another edition of the BBA Linkfest. Have a great week, everybody!

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