Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Brad Mills rant

Brad Mills is one of the good guys. He inherited a team in the Houston Astros with the lowest rated farm system in baseball for the last several seasons. All of his veteran players were traded away leaving him no choice but to field a team of castoffs and players from that bereft farm system. Despite it all, he handled it all with integrity and grace. His players never quit on him. They played hard despite being outgunned in every game. But in baseball, a new general manager will always want his own guy and staggering losses not caused by his own doing will always get a manager fired. That is always the way it has been and it stinks.

Brad Mills deserved better. And it is hoped he will get another shot where he at least has a fighting chance to win. 

So yeah, Astros. Have your little news conference at ten o'clock. Justify your actions. This observer will not buy a word of it. And it doesn't matter who you will hire. Whoever it is will never have the character of Brad Mills nor be as good a manager. 

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Miles said...

he didn't have a chance