Saturday, October 13, 2012

Game Picks - Saturday: October 13, 2012

To put it mildly, the ending to the series between the Cardinals and the Nationals was quite interesting. To put it in Fan perspective, HOLY FREAKIN' SUSAN! What the heck happened there!? The Nationals had a six to nothing lead. Six to nothing! And lost? And so ends one of 2012's best stories. Instead, a team that can never play well enough during the season to win a division continues another October run. The Giants probably won't know what hit them. This feels so crappy for Davey Johnson. He really deserved better. But, alas, no one said sports is fair.

But at least the Giants have a day more to think about it. The Yankees must put away their champagne right away to face the Tigers a day after finally disposing of those gnats, the Orioles. Of course, this might be the coldest ALCS in history as the weather has turned winter-like already and Detroit and New York haven't been hot spots in that equation. And of course, there is the ever-involving story of Alex Rodriguez. Sheesh, what a mess that is.

So the one pick is all we have today. So let's go ahead and make it:

  • The Yankees over the Tigers: The Yankees are at home and they seem to play better when they don't have days off. Doug Fister won't be easy, of course, to deal with. The Yankees faced him twice last post season and got to him once and lost to him once. A lot will depend on if Fister's command is "on" or not. The Yankees have Andy Pettitte on the mound. The old guy can still pitch and has been here before. He pitched well in his first start of the post season though he lost the game. Will A-Rod play? What happens if he doesn't? Wow, what a distraction that could be. Seems to this picker that the Yankees have to play him. The Yankees have to control Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera and keep Austin Jackson off the bases.

Yesterday: 1-1
Post season: 8-14
Season: 1341-1081

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