Monday, October 08, 2012

Where do the Rockies go from here?

Big Leagues Monthly is a new and up-and-coming e-magazine with some of the best baseball writing you'll find in one place. And it is humbling to be among a group of so many talented peers that write for the magazine. The new issue was just released yesterday and included is an article about where the Colorado Rockies go from this point now that they have tanked to 98 losses this season. Jim Tracy just resigned, so that takes care of one of the recommendations made in the article, but the rest is very relevant. Anyway, please click the link above and read the article and if you love baseball, read the thing from cover to cover!

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Anonymous said...

okay one gone, need the rest to follow suit. they were only as good as their coach and you can see what happened there. rockies brought in some young guns, pacheco, rutledge etc., and with good pitching they would have done good. now we need some change in coaching with someone who will let these young guns playball along with the elder team mates. we have the talent let them for gosh sakes PLAYBALL.