Sunday, October 21, 2012

Game Picks - Sunday: October 21, 2012

Things were going swimmingly for the St. Louis Cardinals. They held a commanding lead in the NLCS at three games to one and just had to beat Barry Zito for their second straight trip to the World Series. But then serendipity showed up and a hashtag was born and somehow, a three games to two lead does not seem as solid as the series heads back to San Francisco. Can the Giants hold off elimination for one more day at home? Can the Cardinals ride the back of an old ace who has not won a ballgame this season? Anything can happen in this one. But what will happen?

The one day off between contests does mean that the bullpens will be at full force for both teams. That is better news for the Cardinals than for the Giants. Either way, there won't be much leeway for the starters if things don't go well early.

So what is the pick then?
  • The Giants over the Cardinals: Ryan Vogelsong threw a beautiful game earlier in the series against the Cardinals. Chris Carpenter's start did not go as well. But there is something to be said that defense let Carpenter down in that first game. And few have Carpenter's post season resume. On the other hand, the Giants are fresh from a really impressive Game Five and can ride that momentum at home to push the series to the limit. For baseball fans, that would be the ideal. So this pick is ultimately a hope for the type of series the fans crave...a Game Seven showdown.

Friday: 0-1
Postseason: 12-19
Season: 1345-1036

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