Thursday, October 25, 2012

Game Picks - Thursday: October 25, 2012

Yes, October baseball is always unpredictable. In the first game of the 2012 World Series, Barry Zito easily out-pitched Justin Verlander and even singled in a run against the stud pitcher along the way. The Giants would go on to score more runs in the game (8) than the Yankees managed against the Tigers in four games total. Heck, with three homers and a run scoring single, Pablo Sandoval drove in only one less run in the game than the entire output of the Yankees. What a crazy game baseball is.

You've got to love the narratives the MSM latches on to in these games. During several cutouts for commercials, FOX would show the fierce look on Angel Pagan's face after his double. What a gamer, eh? What a big time player. Oh brother.

So anyway, Game Two is tonight and a pick has to be made. Did you happen to notice that yesterday's pick called the Giants' win? Let's see if it can go 2-0 for the series. The pick:

  • The Giants over the Tigers: Yeah, yeah, Doug Fister is a big time post season pitcher. He's had two good outings this season too. And Madison Bumgarner is supposed to be a bad thing having to pitch for the Giants. Say what!? Has everyone forgotten what Bumgarner did to the Rangers two years ago in that World Series? He won sixteen games this season with a 3.90 strikeout to walk ratio! Here's the deal: Bumgarner has supposedly found a flaw as to why he was struggling. He will pitch well. Doug Fister has pitched well and that will continue, but he doesn't go deep into games lately. The Giants will foul off and run up the pitch count. The Tigers will then have to get into their bullpen. Game over. The orange towels fly.

Yesterday: 1-0
Post season: 15-19
Season: 1,348-1,036

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