Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Buck Showalter feature

Buck Showalter was the topic and the cover story written by your favorite Fan for this month's issue of Big Leagues Monthly. Check out some thoughts on the remaking of Showalter's image and read a lot of other great articles in 60+ pages of pure baseball bliss.


bobook said...

El Flagrante, great article! Don't know if Showalter has changed as much, perhaps, as our perception of him. People can change, of course, but i suspect the change is more ours.
Agree that a manager is only as good as the talent on the field but think Showalter a talent himself. Though the Orioles are the first team with which he personally has reached the playoffs, one could say he has guided there both the Yankees and Rangers. Franchises build Teams, capital T, over years with scouting, astute trades and a philosophy. The triumverate of Michael/Livesey/Showalter are the foundation for the Yankees great success achieved since their departure. Showalter has since proven his capabilities with Texas and here again with Baltimore. Great article, brother!

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

That's a good point and one I was trying to get at. You completed the point. So great comment.