Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One Fan's Hall of Fame Ballot

The BBWAA released the official ballot for the 2013 Hall of Fame today and by now you have all seen it and have read a dozen or more responses. This is your lucky day because you have now stumbled on one more opinion. And no, your host here does not have the privilege of actually casting a ballot. But, yes, there are strong opinions here on what should be the outcome and what we all know will be the outcome.

The moral majority of baseball writers have undoubtedly voted in a PED user into the HOF already. They have also voted for a pitcher who admitted for years that he threw an illegal pitch because it gave him an edge and even wrote a book about it.

Is there a wish here that the steroid era had never happened? Yes. It is a permanent stain that cannot be cleansed. But it happened. And there were a majority of players that used. Even today, there are people getting away with methods that might be spurious to give themselves an edge. The truth is that if Tris Speaker or Ty Cobb could have done something to get an edge, at least one of them would have done so if they thought they had a reasonable chance of getting away with it.

And so the solution for this block of writers is to make a sham of the Hall of Fame by keeping most of the best players of a generation out of Cooperstown. And until they die off of old age (hopefully in the most peaceful of all ways), we are stuck with these annual Mother Superiors putting Barry and Mark in the corner with dunce caps.

This writer will never give in either. There is a stubbornness on this side just as strong as there is on the other side. The trouble is that the other side holds all the marbles. The pen used to be mightier than the sword. But the keyboard? Maybe not.

Okay, enough with the verbal gymnastics. Get to the ballot already, right? Okay, okay. So let's get this done. The real voters get ten slots, right? So here is one through ten:

  1. Barry Bonds - The best player of his generation
  2. Roger Clemens - The best pitcher of his generation (yes, Pedro had a better peak)
  3. Tim Raines - The second best lead off guy of his generation
  4. Mike Piazza - The best offensive catcher ever.
  5. Jeff Bagwell - A no brain pick
  6. Craig Biggio - The on-base machine
  7. Mark McGwire - Not just a one trick pony.
  8. Larry Walker - Wrote about his case last season.
  9. Rafael Palmeiro - The numbers are there, man.
  10. Sammy Sosa - Can't stand the guy, but he has a case.

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Anonymous said...

did steroids make big mac,...lets say 20 % better...probably..reduce his numbers by at least 20% and he falls way short of hof recognition. his reward, the millions he earned cheating. how many pitchers were pulled after one of his juiced up home runs... sorry NOT EVEN a one trick pony

Jonathan C. Mitchell said...

Completely disagree with Anon. McGwire was hitting homeruns well before he was "juiced" and even when he hit them "juiced" he hit them off of other players who were also "juiced." You cannot put a number on how much better he was; it's impossible to do so. You are simply throwing guesses out there to back a side of the argument you agree with with little-to-no facts that back it up. McGwire belongs.

Anonymous said...

jonathan, jonathon,....he cheated man...he was rewarded with 75 million dollars over his career, he unfairly received accolades and adoration that truly didnt belong to him, the money was his reward and if you will comment on these three consecutive seasons 1989---.2 1990---.235 and 1991 a whopping .210 yes jonathon hof material

Anonymous said...

sorry thats 1989---.231 and 1991 .201

RichieAllen1964 said...

There can be no discussion - NONE - about PEDs and potential elected members until Pete Rose is enshrined. Any additional inductees need to line up behind Pete. While the discussion about Bonds (a shoe-in) and Clemens (also a no-brainer) goes on and on, the issue of Rose belongs at the forefront of the discussion. Perhaps a special section on "cheaters" will be required - a PED section - but then we'd have to go back for anecdotal evidence of the amphetamine era. Ah, it's never-ending. But PUT PETE IN THE HALL! And then we can talk about the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

Try to look back at Alan Trammell's credentials. Without a doubt best ss not in hall. Better player than Raines. Also, almost identical career to Barry Larkin. Shame people don't recognize him for the player he was. Tough top 10 this year, but he diserves to be part of it.

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

Yeah, Anon, I had Trammell on the list in the same category as Edgar Martinez as there being no room in the top ten this year but definitely the next. Somehow there was a cut and paste performed and Trammell's name disappeared. Definitely agree with you.

Bill Miller said...

How the hell does Pete Rose become a part of this conversation? Pete broke baseball's Cardinal Rule: Though shalt not bet on baseball. It's really quite simple. But you know what? I don't care if Pete Rose does get into the HOF, because the HOF should be recognized for what it is, a little museum of baseball history run by an accountant. It's not a church. Hell, it's not even Sunday dinner at grandma's.
Don't get me wrong. I love the Hall of Fame, but it's been entirely mis-characterized by fans for years.
Nice post, man.

Anonymous said...

F'n DITTO!!!!! BS MLB PR SCAM! How's that for acronyms, but they wanna "uphold" some kind of "sanctity" of the industry???? He Played! Those are his Numbers! That is HIS accomplishment !!!! Crazy off the charts athlete blowin up the stat sheets! Great for the game!how much $$$ was made off of his talent??? PETE ROSE!!! Or NO ONE!

Anonymous said...

Right. It's what happened, you want to say how great he was at the hall/ plaques/ pics/ stats/ etc. then another one that says: "banned for betting". Ok. So what's the problem?

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

This site is on record many times in support of Pete Rose being in the Hall of Fame. Yeah, tell the whole story. But what is a Hall of Fame without the all time hit leader?

Jonathan C. Mitchell said...

Anon: Your point? McGwire also hit .187 while juiced. In those three seasons you reference he was still worth an average of nearly 5.0 fWAR each season. Pretty dang good.

Anonymous said...

hey jonathan.....big mac himself said he didnt deserve induction...along with 80% of the writers last year who didnt vote for him...he will very likely never get in. hey jonathan didnt your dad write a report about steroids in baseball?

Jonathan C. Mitchell said...

Anon: That doesn't mean he shouldn't be in. Keeping someone out for PEDs means we need to go back and take the people out for taking Greenies. It's a slippery slope and PEDs do not make a better baseball player.

And I wish my dad did the report. He's not a baseball fan or a fan of the current government system. Hahah!