Monday, May 20, 2013

MLB Game Picks - Monday: May 20, 2013

What a blah day of picking! With the rain-out of the Yankees - Blue Jays game and what would have surely been a correct pick, the final tally was a .500 day. Blah. When I went to bed, I was sure the day would end up barely in the black. The Tigers had a 3-1 lead on the Rangers. But apparently, when I went to bed, all heck broke loose and the game became batting practice. And despite three homers by Miguel Cabrera, the Rangers won the slugfest. Well, that is great for the Rangers but not so good on the picks.

Earlier in the day, the Game of the Day pick, Reds, had a 2-0 lead when the ball was handed to Aroldis Chapman. "That one is in the bag," I thought. Boom. Boom. The bag had busted open and a bunch of dust fell on the floor. Closers. Everyone says they are not important. Sure they aren't. :::eyeroll:::

Today is quite a busy day in baseball despite it being a Monday. Thirteen games are scheduled (weather permitting). Here are the picks:

  • The Indians over the Mariners: I was really torn over this one. For one thing, Hisashi Iwakuma has been the best pitcher in the American League thus far. Second, the Indians are starting Scott Kazmir, an iffy proposition. But I like the way Kazmir has been pitching and do not think the M's will score. And the Indians have been red hot. So that is the pick.
  • The Blue Jays over the Bay Rays: Another battle of the Ays. The Rays will start Jake Odorizzi and hope that he does not stink. That was joke, if you did not get it. Odorizzi is a former first round draft pick by the Royals and was part of the big Wade Davis and James Shields trade. Odorizzi has decent minor league numbers and two major league starts to his credit (they did not go that well). I am going with R.A. Dickey.
  • The Yankees over the Orioles: So Freddy Garcia will have extra incentive by facing his old team. But Freddy does not have a whole lot of gas left in the tank. CC Sabathia will have an extra day of rest. Not sure if that will help or hurt him. The Orioles will be dangerous after getting whipped by the Rays all weekend.
  • The Reds over the Mets: Johnny Cueto is back in this one and usually, a first start back from the DL is not one I like to pick. But Cueto has done this before and usually comes back fine. Plus, the Mets start Shaun Marcum, of whom I have no faith in at all.
  • The Braves over the Twins: I have no idea at all what will happen in this game. Julio Teheran and Kevin Correia are so unpredictable that anything can happen. So this is a flip of the coin / go with the home team sort of game.
  • The Phillies over the Marlins: It is getting really, really old picking Cole Hamels to win every time just to see him lose. So he is 1-6 and is facing the 2-6 Alex Sanabia. What great fun. Do the Marlins play 162 games at home this season? It sure feels like it.
  • The Rangers over the Athletics: I was watching the highlights of the game last night and Adrian Beltre had four hits including two doubles. Then I laughed because the two doubles were doinks that landed perfectly and one of his singles was a slow roller that bounced through the infield somehow. Hey, they all look good in the box score. If the Rangers are not too tired from last night, they should win this one even though Josh Lindblom is starting for the injured Alexi Ogando. Lindblom was part of the Michael Young deal and has 101 relief appearances in the majors. But he is still 25 and is having a good year starting in the minors. Bartolo Colon goes for the A's.
  • The Red Sox over the White Sox: Jon Lester should make the difference in which foot covering wins this particular game. Dylan Axelrod goes for the White Sox.
  • The Royals over the Astros: What the heck has happened to the Royals' offense? It seems so unreliable. The kids that were supposed to blow up the majors have blown up themselves. I am confused. They now have some pitching and still cannot get out of their own way. Jeremy Guthrie was not treated well his last time out. But Dallas Keuchel is not among my favorites to pick.
  • The Dodgers over the Brewers: This one is ripe for being wrong. Clayton Kershaw got a little rest from the Dodgers. That is a bit scary. But he is the best there is and should win every game. But he does not because his team is inconsistent as heck. Then they are playing at Milwaukee where Yovani Gallardo is tough to beat.
  • The Diamondbacks over the Rockies: Patrick Corbin is one of my favorites. But then I picked Wade Miley yesterday and he is one too. So see what good that did me. And Corbin pitching in Coors Field is dicey. But he should be better than Jon Garland.
  • The Cardinals over the Padres: Jason Marquis sure has had a long and mediocre career, hasn't he? Included in there were two blah years with the Cardinals. Heck, if Dave Duncan could not make you successful, there is little there to work with. Shelby Miller, on the other hand, is the bomb. Of course, you do know that ever pitcher I make fun of wins, right?

And the Game of the Day!

  • The Giants over the Nationals: Zach Duke!? Seriously!? The Nats are going to start Zach Duke? Obviously, I am no enamored with that choice. But the Giants a lock behind the Ryan Vogelsong that has been beat up lately? Yeah. I will still take him over Zach Duke.

Yesterday: 7-7
Week: 7-7
Month: 146-108
Season: 375-272
Games of the Day: 33-15

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