Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wheeler and Harvey - some serious heat

Yesterday could not have been better for Mets fans. Not only did they sweep a double-header in Atlanta, something most would term impossible, but they did it with a bookend of two of the brightest pitching phenoms in the game with Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler. The Atlanta Braves saw some serious heat yesterday.

According to, here is the fastball breakdown of the two pitchers:
  • Harvey: 64 fastballs, Average speed - 97.15, Max Speed - 100.85, strikes not in play - 32, swings and misses - 8.
  • Wheeler: 71 fastballs, Average speed - 96.15, Max Speed - 98.5 , strikes not in play - 39, swings and misses - 12
Woof. That is some serious gas spread out over a lot of pitches. The two pitchers pitched a total of 13 innings and struck out 20 batters. They allowed seven hits. They allowed three total runs and only one extra base hit (Uggla's double off of Wheeler). Between the two pitchers, they induced 36 swing and misses total. Wow!

The Mets have had a lot of sad times. The ownership situation and several down years have kept the fan base restless and even, at times, angry. Yesterday's double-header and the promise shown by Harvey and Wheeler had to be a strong salve on those hard times. Mets fans deserved yesterday. These two young pitchers should have them buzzing. They should have all of us buzzing.

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