Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pitcher thinks somebody is going to catch Mike Trout's 454 foot homer

The Angels slowed down the Oakland Athletics' march toward the division title for one game as they blew out Jarrod Parker and others for a 12-1 drubbing. As usually happens in blowouts in September with expanded rosters, a young pitcher is put in the game to get some experience. Thus, Pedro Figueroa (who is not exactly young at 27) was given a chance to pitch some Major League innings. Then he ran into Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo.

The highlights of the inning focus on how far Mike Trout hit his home run. ESPN tracked it at 454 feet. Watch this highlight and see how all of the replays of Trout's bomb focus on how far it went. My focus went to Figueroa and what I saw made me guffaw out loud.

As soon as Trout hits the ball, Figueroa points up at it in the universal baseball body language of, "there it is, catch it." Perhaps they do not hit the ball that far in the minors. Perhaps he is unaware of who Mike Trout is. Perhaps he misread the sound of the ball off the bat. But point all he would, nobody was catching that ball. Take a look (if the embedded file works).


Apparently, Figueroa can learn from his mistakes. A few batters later, Mark Trumbo hit another bomb and Figueroa's hand started going up and immediately thought better of it. Either way, giving up 854 feet worth of homers is not a fun way to get some experience.

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