Thursday, September 18, 2014

MLB Game Picks - Thursday: September 18, 2014

The definition of a good picking night for me is when twice as many picks are correct than incorrect. Call it my "quality start." By that definition, last night was a good one as the picks went 10-5. What impressed me the most (hey, nobody else is going to pat me on the back!) was picking the Cubs and not only picking the Cubs but making them the Game of the Day. Righteous!
Of the five that were incorrect, I had warned myself about picking James Paxton against the Angels. But I didn't listen and C.J. Wilson was much better. I picked both New York teams incorrectly. The Yankees won and the Mets lost. I had them both the other way around.
Thursday's picks in a light schedule day:
  • The Athletics over the Rangers: The Rangers have had a nice little run, but that will end today against Sonny Gray and the A's. Nick Martinez will try to keep it going for the Rangers, but I don't see it today.
  • The Yankees over the Blue Jays: Both of these teams have stumbled and bumbled and the Blue Jays were crushed by the Orioles. Shane Greene is a mixed bag so who knows how good he will be. R.A. Dickey is a guy I always seem to pick against. But even Jeter can catch up to his stuff. The last homestand.
  • The Nationals over the Marlins: I hate picking teams that have clinched. The starters will only go five innings. The lineups will be sparse. It's awkward and like picking Spring Training games. All that said, the Marlins are in a bad way without Stanton. Gio Gonzalez and Brad Hand are the starters.
  • The Dodgers over the Cubs: The Dodgers still have work to do. So Zack Greinke has to grind it out and go deep against Tsuyoshi Wada. I told you starting Frias was stupid. Now they have to work even harder.
  • The Indians over the Astros: I never know what to do with these two starters. Danny Salazar can be dominating or he could throw too many walks. Scott Feldman needs BABIP and great control. Sometimes it is there, sometimes not.
  • The Cardinals over the BrewersShelby Miller has really turned it on down the stretch and it couldn't have come at a better time. The Cards' old friend and golf partner, Kyle Lohse, goes for the Brewers. He might pitch tough.
  • The Diamondbacks over the Rockies: The two starters are a combined 2-16. Yeah, that's fun to pick, especially at Coors. I cannot pick Yohan Flande, so I guess it's Vidal Nuno. Yeesh.
  • The Phillies over the Padres: Okay, you win, Kyle Kendrick. I always pick against you and you always foil me. Well, here you go, Big Fella. It's your pick. Robbie Erlin is like a blank slate to me. I don't know him very well as a player.
  • The Mariners over the Angels: The M's still have something to play for and Felix Hernandez needs two more good starts to seal the Cy Young Award. Jered Weaver can't knock down a piece of cardboard with his fastball, but has won 17 games. Go figure. You know I don't like to pick teams that just clinched.
And the Game of the Day:
  • The Pirates over the Red Sox: The poor Red Sox can't get out of Pittsburgh fast enough. They are getting their fannies slapped. Brandon Workman has not performed as a starter and has proved he is a relief pitcher. Gerrit Cole will shut the feeble offense down.
Yesterday: 10-5, Sept.: 137-99, Games of the Day: 97-63 (+5), Season: 1267-1033

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