Tuesday, October 07, 2014

MLB Game Picks - Tuesday: October 7, 2014

Perhaps like the Nationals, these playoff game picks are making a comeback after a 2-0 night last night. The ten-game winning streak rule was certainly a factor just as I predicted against the Giants and John Lackey was every bit as good as I thought he would be against the Dodgers. Who would have ever predicted Matt Carpenter's power display or the winning runs hit over the fence by Kolten Wong.
Both NLDS series go to a fourth game. Will either of them go to a fifth?
The picks:
  • The Cardinals over the Dodgers: The Dodgers are throwing caution to the wind and are asking Clayton Kershaw to save their season on early rest. I think the guy is already tired from having so many stressful outings down the stretch. I don't think the strategy is going to work. Shelby Miller had a strange year. He was awful early in the season and then came on strong. So it is hard to understand how good his stuff is since his season numbers are mundane. I think he shuts the Dodgers down. Trevor Rosenthal sure does make the ninth inning scary, doesn't he?
  • The Nationals over the Giants: The Nationals' depth in their rotation saves them here as Gio Gonzalez had a better year than people think. If you look at his peripherals, his WHIP, FIP, K/9 and H/IP were all very good and in line with the rest of his career. My only problem is with his first post season appearance two years ago when he could not throw strikes and walked the farm. He cannot do that today. Ryan Vogelsong also had a better season than what I thought he did. His peripherals were also surprising in some ways. If Gio Gonzalez is on, can Vogelsong keep up? I don't think so. This series goes five.
Yesterday: 2-0, Post Season: 5-9, Season: 1370-1099


forged said...

In the event both series end after 4 games, should the ALCS and NLCS start earlier than what the schedule currently has (the 10th and 11th I think)?

It seems a shame to have such a long layoff for the AL teams given that they managed to advance on sweeps.

William J. Tasker said...

I agree with you completely. But this is to satisfy the almighty dollar and the television contracts that want hard and fast schedules.

forged said...

Yeah, I know. I just missed how it used to be. Postseason has lost a lot of what makes a baseball season unique.

Ah well. (I still can't believe I'm rooting for the Dodgers against the Cardinals.)

forged said...

That was some timing on my last comment. Sheesh.