Friday, April 17, 2015

MLB Game Picks - Friday: April 17, 2015

I am simply terrible. I don't know what else to say. I can't pick anything thus far this season. There were six games yesterday. I got five of them wrong. The picks are now fifteen games under .500. The Pick of the Day, which is supposed to be my strongest possibility of being correct is 3-8 for the season. Even the Yankees have to be feeling better about themselves than I am.  It's just amazing. By now, reading my daily output must like some morbid obsession. Heh. Oh my.
Let's try Friday. Kris Bryant will be playing. A new era begins? Let's hope a new success streak begins here too.
The picks:
  • The Tigers over the White Sox: This seems straightforward. David Price should be dominant and Jeff Samardzija keeps doing bad pitching. At this point, I'm wondering of Samardzija should have stayed in the bullpen all along.
  • The Cubs over the Padres: This could be a big day in Chicago. Or it could be a balloon deflating. One just never knows. The pitching match-up is Jason Hammel at home against James Shields. Which way will the wind blow at Wrigley?
  • The Pirates over the Brewers: These two teams have really struggled offensively. And both Jimmy Nelson of the Brewers and Jeff Locke won their first starts. That makes this a hard call. Which team will score three or more runs? I'm going with the Pirates.
  • The Blue Jays over the Braves: If you've noticed, I'm going with a lot of home teams. I think that's been a big part of my problem--thinking that the away team will win often. The Jays came off a bad series against the Rays and need to bounce back. Drew Hutchison is a very good young pitcher. But then again, so is Julio Teheran.
  • The Red Sox over the Orioles: Now, all of these home team picks is making me nervous. If Joe Kelly pitches against the O's like he did the Yankees, he'll be golden. Because either way, I think the Red Sox will rain all over Ubaldo Jimenez.
  • The Marlins over the Mets: I know Bartolo Colon is the ninth wonder of the world. But his entire history is a couple of great performances and a big clunker. I'm feeling clunker today. It doesn't help that David Wright is on the DL. David Phelps returns to the Big Apple.
  • The Yankees over the Rays: Tropicana has been a graveyard for the Yankees over the years. But it's different now with a new manager and all those pitching nemesis gone. Nate Karns is inexperienced. My only qualm about this pick is Adam Warren starting for the Yankees.
  • The Indians over the Twins: Yeesh, now I've gone with three straight visiting teams. That said, Corey Kluber really should be better than Mike Pelfrey, right? The Twins did have a good series against the Royals...
  • The Angels over the Astros: Oh, come on. Now that's four straight visiting team picks. Lord help me. I have no faith in Roberto Hernandez. None. Nada. I have a little more faith in Jered Weaver.
  • The Royals over Athletics: Do I really think that Jeremy Guthrie has more of a chance than Sonny Gray? No. But the Royals are the real deal. Gotta pick them to bounce back after a tough series against the Twins.
  • The Cardinals over the Reds: Have the Cardinals faced any pitcher more than Johnny Cueto? I can't imagine it. Normally, I would go with Cueto. But Michael Wacha is back looking studly and I have to go with the redbirds at home.
  • The Dodgers over the RockiesClayton Kershaw hasn't won a game yet. What's with that? I'd say he corrects that today and has a good day at home and beats the Rockies fronted by Kyle Kendrick.
  • The Rangers over the Mariners: I have this fixation with Yovani Gallardo. I guess I always think he is better than he really is. But I think he'll do well in Safeco and be better than J.A. Happ.
  • The Diamondbacks over the Giants: First, Jake Peavy is a homer waiting to happen. Secondly, Josh Collmenter is bound to win one here soon. Third...I can't remember my third point...
And the Pick of the Day:
  • The Nationals over the Phillies: This is how this game should turn out. After all, Max Scherzer is as advertised for the Nats. And Sean O'Sullivan has a career ERA of 5.84. But that's been the problem thus far. Nothing goes as planned.
Yesterday: 1-5, Season: 62-77, Picks of the Day: 3-8

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