Thursday, February 12, 2009

An Anti-PED Post

Okay, the Fan has had it. There will be no more talk of PEDs in this place. It's sickening and disturbing and we can't take it anymore. So what follows is just about the baseball the Fan loves and nothing else.

Unless an aSTEROID hits us, Spring Training will soon get started and it will be time to forget about winter and all our troubles and have our hopes renewed. Which rookies will show HUMAN GROWTH and be the next big thing?

Will Dustin PEDroia follow up his astounding season last year with another sparking edition? Will PEDro Martinez make it back to some semblance of himself? Will Anibalic Sanchez of the Marlins be the next great National League pitcher?

By year's end, will Milton Bradley have injected some life into the Cubs?

And which of the Greenees will play shortstop the most for the Cardinals, Khalil or Tyler? And which of the Nick Greenies is better? The one on the Angels or the one on the Red Sox?

Will Adam Dunn continue to be a player of Substance with the Nationals? Or will he end up as some kind of Richie Sexson in the end?

Will this be the year that we see more LaRoache clips on Sportscenter? Will the Mets keep their Miranda rights or will they ship him out eventually?

Will Junior Griffey get one more go round with the city of the Needle or will he even get a job? We all hope he gets a job soon.

There! That felt good. A whole post and not one mention of the scourge that has plagued our game. The Fan feels so much better and now will celebrate with some coke and call it a night.

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Josh Borenstein said...

LOL. Nicely done, sir.