Saturday, February 14, 2009

This Week's Wacky Look at the Transaction Wire

Each week here at the FanDome, we take a pun-filled look at the transaction wire for the last seven days. Take a few moments at your own risk:

- The Orioles Tyed the knot with Wigginton for two years.

- The Orioles also thought Moore was less and sent Scott down to AAA.

- The lawyers Drew up the contract and Sutton signed with the Astros for another year.

- The Cardinals don't believe that Rick's new contract will bite them on their Ankiel.

- The Astros have their own Bourn experience and signed Michael to a one year contract.

- Toronto is glad to have Shawn in Camp after he signed a one year contract.

- Bobby is ready for Abreu world as he signed to play in California.

- The Astros are delilahed to have Chris Sampson signed for another year.

- The Astros also didn't wait until the bell Towled in an arbitration hearing and signed J. R. for a year.

- Randy hopes to be on the ground Flores to a major league job as he signed a minor league contract with the Rockies.

- The Brewers will see if Eduardo, their new Cuban pitcher, is Morlan they could hope for.

- The Blue Jays got a Millar Light as they got Kevin on the cheap with a minor league contract.

- The Astros are trying to prove that their first round draft selection, Bogusevic wasn't a Boguspic. Bogusevic is now an outfielder instead of a pitcher.

- Braden's family went on the loopdeLooper when he found a job with the Brewers.

And that's this week's transaction wire, the Fan's work is Dunn.

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Josh Borenstein said...

Nicely Dunn!