Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Gonzalez Brothers of San Diego

The odds of becoming a major league baseball player are already astronomical. How much more so is it when brothers can both make it to the majors? It actually has happened over 350 times with some families providing three, four and even five (Delahandy Brothers) brothers to the major leagues. For a really cool list of such occurrences, see here (Don't you love the Internet?). The list is a lot of fun. For example, did you know Tom Glavine had a brother that had a cup of coffee with the Mets? The latest example is the Gonzalez Brothers of San Diego, Adrian and Edgar.

The story caught the Fan's eye because of a post concerning the brothers playing together for Mexico in the WBC. How wonderful it must be to have a brother sharing the major league experience with you.

Check out the link and the list at the Baseball Almanac site. It's a lot of fun to peruse and you'll see some interesting tidbits (such as Eddie Murray having a brother play in the majors). You can also find brothers that played on the same team, father and son combinations and more. Have fun!

And enjoy the Super Bowl tonight.

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