Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Pun-through of This Week's Transactions

The FanDome used to do an obscure transaction wire signing of the week every Saturday, but puns, like the Three Stooges seem to be more popular. The Fan knowing his audience and bowing to its needs brings you another installment of punning through the transaction wire covering the last seven days:

- Negotiations between Boston and their captain catcher were Variteknical, but they finally got the job done.

- The Twins never believe there is enough pitching. They figure the more the Guerrier, so they signed Matt for another year.

- The Padres apparently don't believe that Floyd's skills have fallen off a Cliff, so they signed the former DH of the Rays.

- The move by the Padres was unfortunate for pitcher, Matt, as he was demoted back to the Bush leagues.

- Toronto doesn't believe the lowly Pirates know personnel very well and that their scouts are not on the Beam about pitcher T. J. so they claimed him off waivers.

- Kansas City fans won't be railing at the Royals since they signed Bannister.

- Going from the Brewers to the Yankees for Chase Wright, future star catcher, Eric, went from the Fryer into the frying pan.

- The Rockies went to the Matt for Murton in a trade with the Athletics.

- Speaking of Wright, the Yankees couldn't Chase their pitcher out of the organization fast enough.

- The Blue Jays have been active on the waiver wire and figured that the Orioles had a Burres on their butts about pitcher Brian, so the Jays claimed him off waivers.

- Ever on the search for pitching, the Indians Chulked up another one on the pitcher's side as Vinnie was invited to camp with a minor league deal.

- Though largely discredited, the Rockies stayed on the Atkins diet and signed Garrett for another year.

- The Rockies also hope that pitcher, Josh, will come out of his two year Fogg and become a decent pitcher again.

- Apparently the Rangers thought they were going to sign a pitcher but found his elbow was three Sheets into the wind.

- Hearing about the Ranger's plight, the Dodgers signed a Wolf in Sheet's clothing and brought their old pitcher back for a year. Alternative: Randy figured that major league teams weren't crying Wolf when they said they had no money, so he signed for what he could get.

- The A's found the Cubs in a Sellers market for pitchers and traded Justin and to the Cubs for a pitcher who couldn't be Weurtz than what they had before (probably a cheat to use the same pun two out of the last three weeks, but the guy keeps showing up on the transaction wire.)

And there you have it folks. Tune in next week. Happy sailing and Manny happy returns.

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