Thursday, February 05, 2009

Great Players on Bad Teams

Every generation has players that are great who wind up playing most of their career with losing clubs. Players like Ernie Banks, Frank Howard and Don Mattingly play their entire career and never get a World Series ring and play most of their careers on bad clubs. It's harder to do that now for players as they tend to get traded or file for free agency after they get too expensive for their losing club.

But there are still some of them out there. Here is our current All Star Team of good players on non-contending clubs. Of course, as the Bay Rays did last year, a perennially bad team can become a contender and Texas and Kansas City have long shots to be the next team to make the leap. But this All Star team, now playing in the FanDome, is based on this past season and on never playing for a winner:

  • Catcher - Ryan Doumit. Pittsburgh. Batted .318 last year with a Slugging Percentage of .501.
  • First Base - Adrian Gonzalez. San Diego. Has hit 66 homers and driven in 219 runs in the last two years.
  • Second Base - Ian Kinsler. Texas. Third among all second basemen in Win Shares last year, first in batting Win Shares.
  • Shortstop - Christian Guzman. Washington. Had 183 hits last year and batted .316.
  • Third Base - Melvin Mora. Baltimore. All the top third basemen play on contenders. Mora is the best of the rest with solid production over the last five years.
  • Outfield -
  • Josh Hamilton. Texas. Went from the Reds to the Rangers. Had a fantastic year. Didn't matter because Texas can't pitch just like the Reds couldn't.
  • Nate McLouth. Pittsburgh. Has become a star for the Pirates. A no win situation that Bay knows all about.
  • Nick Markakis. Baltimore. An up and coming star just signed to a long term contract on a team that seems to have a tall mountain to climb.
  • DH - Aubrey Huff. Baltimore. There aren't as many good DHs as there used to be. Somebody should sign Dunn.
  • Starting Pitcher - Roy Halladay. Toronto. This one was easy. The man is 64-20 over the last four years. Poor guy.
  • Closer - Joakim Soria. Kansas City. Soria had a 1.60 ERA last year with a WHIP of 0.86

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Josh Borenstein said...

I've always felt bad for Griffey for this exact reason. That 2001 Mariners team was his best chance at getting a ring. It's still baffling. 116 wins in the regular season and they lose in 5 games in the ALCS. How did that happen?