Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Transaction Time Again

Oh, Golly. Another week has flown by and it's that time again. Mothers, close your eyes. Sons, cling to your mothers. Fathers, grab another Coca Cola and beware of this week's review of the transaction wire. You've been warned it won't be pretty...

- The Twins were hoping for a Goose Gossage and instead got Mike Gosling, so they sent him down to the minors. The "down" was a bonus point if you got it.

- The Tigers' catcher, Ryan, was sent back to the Dusty buses of the International League.

- Another catcher, Ivan-to-play-everyday Rodriguez, signed with the Astros. Rodriguez wanted more money, but the Astros wouldn't pudge.

- The Texas Rangers said, "No Mas" to Duran and sent German to the minors.

- Another Ranger, John Bannister, went down the stairs to the minor league camp.

- Those Rangers, being health conscious, decided to keep their dugout Smoak free and sent Justin to the same minor league camp.

- It wasn't poetic when the Red Sox released catcher Josh Bard.

- Nationals infielder, Brad, was called into the manager's office and got the news he Eldreded and didn't want to hear. He's going to the minors.

- The Cubs told Caridad, their pitcher, that they will be Esmailin his checks and his equipment to his next stop in the minors.

- The Nationals told Gustavo to Chacin with the minor league camp. So he checked out of his hotel room.

- The Royals released Jimmy, but don't worry about him. He's a LOOGY and someone will Gobble him up.

- Cubs' pitcher, Justin, pled his case that the staff had only seen the tip of the iceBerg of his talent, but they were unmoved and sent him to the minors.

- Trevor's dream of making the Twins opening day roster went Plouffe when they told him he was being sent down.

- Bowen to popular demand, the A's released Rob.

- The Royals are hoping that Sidney's ERA will be down under the 5.00 mark and signed Ponson to a minor league deal.

- Cedrick wasn't entertained when the Rockies told Bowers he was being sent to the minors.

- The Rockies also told Michael that they couldn't affort McEnry as an extra catcher on their roster and demoted him.

- The Nationals' Bynum wasn't dancing the Freddie when he was told he was being sent down.

- Cardinal's pitcher Matt had never been Scherer he was going to make the team, but he didn't and was sent down.

- The Nationals told Maxwell to get smart when he got to the minors and work hard.

- Desmond told the Nationals that he didn't Ian get a chance to prove what he could do. They told him to show them in the minors.

- The Cardinals told Charlie that he wouldn't be Manning their bullpen and that they preferred Manning it with more consistent pitchers. He got demoted.

There were many more, but the Fan has run out of steam. Tune in seven days from now when we do it all again.

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Josh Borenstein said...

"Rodriguez wanted more money, but the Astros wouldn't pudge."

Great line.