Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things We Haven't Seen for a While...

The Fan is having a good day. Listening to the Oldies station on AOL Radio and just finished binding and trimming 80 books to fill an order and 50 business calendars to fill another one. It's been a productive day while eating Ritz and drinking Coke "But happiness is just an illusion." Oops. That's a lyric to a song now playing. Anyway, while performing these tasks, the mind wanders and the Fan came up with this list of things we haven't seen in a while:

- The hidden ball trick. It's been a long time since we've seen this old ploy.

- A pitcher throwing a no-hitter despite walking seven or eight guys. This used to happen fairly regularly.

- A behind-the-back highlight around the bag at second base.

- A highlight of Ichiro Suzuki throwing a BB to third to nail a runner. The guy should go back to right field.

- A pitcher with 25 to 30 wins in a season. (In these days of pitch counts, it may never happen again).

- A winning baseball team in Pittsburgh.

- A big DH who has had three or four knee operations. Where is Orlando Cepeda when we need him?

- A sharp, crisp game from Dontrelle Willis? [sigh]

- A guy play every position in a game. Where is Zoilo Versailles these days?

- A pitcher get relieved from a game and run out to take a position in the outfield. Always happened in Little League...

- A pitcher throwing a pitch way over every one's head and into the stands or screen.

- An Eaphus (?) pitch. Steve Hamilton was the last one the Fan ever saw.

- A balk called on a left-handed pitcher who steps too far towards the plate on a pick off move.

- A bad promotion that causes a game to be forfeited. Guess the league learned from the Disco Day fiasco.

- A batter seriously harmed from a beanball. Thank goodness!

- A flashy umpire like Ron Luciano. Guess he was a one-of-a-kind. If you ever find his books on eBay or in a yard sale, buy them. They were very funny.

- Catcher interference or a batter being called for falling over the plate during a stolen base attempt.

- An umpire telling a batter to keep his feet in the batting box.

- And last but not least: A World Series win by the Chicago Cubs. Maybe this year?

"One Summer Night" is an example of songs they just don't make anymore. Have a good day everyone.

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Josh Borenstein said...

Cool post. It would be nice to see some of those things again.