Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Mets Should Keep Valentin

Marty Noble is a wonderful writer and his piece for on Jose Valentin is a terrific article and well worth reading (in case you missed it). After reading the piece, the Fan is hoping Valentin makes the Mets. They would be better off with him than without him.

Okay, he hasn't played since 2007 and he is 39. So what? He can play all the infield positions and some outfield. He's batting .300 this spring while Reyes and Wright are off battling the world and he is a really good guy that the younger guys look up to.

Who are the Mets going to keep instead, Alex Cora? Oh please! He is only five years younger, is not as versatile and cannot slug like Valentin can (his slugging percentage lifetime is 100 points lower than Valentin. Cora has a lifetime OPS+ of 74. 74! Valentin's is 96. Not great, but at least close to league average.

Cora can only play short and second. His fielding records are all lower than league average for his lifetime in both positions. Get this: Valentin is above league average as a fielder (range factor) at short, second or third.

And the bottom line? Alex Cora is more expensive!! Keep Valentin. Keep Valentin! Keep Valentin. Come on! Join in the chant with the Fan: Keep Valentin!

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Josh Borenstein said...

He had some good years with the White Sox. Just missed winning a ring with them.