Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday Notes from Spring Training Games

Only 26 days until opening day! Here is some observations looking at Tuesday's box scores:

- Baltimore won the game but Boston's Clay Buchholz didn't allow a base runner in his three innings of work. Papelbon worked a scoreless inning as did Daniel Bard. Remember Bard's name as he's a flamethrower and was the Red Sox minor league pitcher of the year last year.

- In other notes from that game, Varitek is batting below .130 for the spring...but he's a great pitcher's catcher...yup.

- The Cardinals beat the listless Tigers today. Inge made his third error already at third. Maybe he should have stayed behind the plate? Schumaker, Duncan and Ankiel are all having great springs for the Cardinals.

- Joba Chamberlain pitched much better for the Yankees today against the Reds. Brent Gardner again led off with a hit and Cody Ransom knocked in a run. New York could be interesting this April.

- The Mets and the Nationals finished in a ten inning tie <>. Brad Eldred is having a great spring for the Nationals. Zimmerman pitched great for the Nats but Maine didn't fare so well for the Mets.

- The Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks, 6-3. Kuroda pitched great for the Dodgers, Webb not so good for Arizona. The Dodgers aren't hitting very well. The only exceptions seem to be Casey Blake and...umm...would you believe...Ausmus? Ausmus is betting .438, probably the first time he's had that high an average since high school.

- The good news is that that Cubs banged out 16 hits. The bad news is that it was against Seattle and hardly any of their regulars played. The other good news is that Harden, Dempster and Heilman all pitched great. The other bad news was that it was against Seattle.

- The Angels beat the Indians today, but what is very good news for Cleveland fans is that Garko is killing the ball, Hafner had two hits and Kerry Wood threw one brilliant inning.

- The Giants beat the Rangers today, but the good news for the Rangers was three strong innings from starter, Feldman, before the bullpen blew up the game. Elvis Adrus is batting .292 and was part of two double plays today.

- In an ugly game, the Oakland A's got a good start from Cahill and then the rest of the pitchers gave up eleven runs in seven innings. The Rockies got a horrible start from De La Rosa (is he the only player in major league history with three separate words for last names?) and then had eight great innings from the rest of the pitchers. Cust had a typical Cust game. Walk-Strikeout-Run scored in two official at bats.

- The Bay Rays beat up Toronto today. After Clement gave them a decent start, the bullpen was awful. Pat Burrell hit a grand slam for the Rays. Longoria is only batting .500 this spring.

Over in the WBC, Venezuala whumped Italy, 10-1. Bobby Abreu, Miguel Cabrera, Jose Lopez and Ramon Hernandez all hit homers.

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Josh Borenstein said...

I like Gardner. I think he could be about as good as Ellsbury.