Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Game Picks - Tuesday: June 30, 2009

It was a maunder Monday as the picks came out dead even. Considering that Halladay lost and Porcello lost and this picker actually thought the Mets could beat the Brewers with that AAA team they are fielding, the results are understandable.

Rant: The Fan has been picking games on BallHype.com since Spring Training. During that time, the Fan's overall record there is: 1012-904. That is 108 games above .500. But do you know how many points the Fan has from BallHype during that time? You would think it a positive number right? Nope. The total points accumulated are -14.8. Minus!? For being 108 games over .500? There is a guy on there who has picked his games at 46% and has over a thousand points. So then, BallHype's system is like the federal government where it actually pays to fail. Those that work hard and have a little success are screwed and those that take the easy way out--like picking every underdog every night--are just like those who do so little they qualify for every government handout there is. It's not BallHype. It's BallCrap. Rant over.

Now that we've gotten that off our chests, on to today's picks:

  • The Cubs over the Pirates: Like Lilly over Ohlendorf, though the latter has been pitching well lately.
  • The Red Sox over the Orioles: Smoltz gets his first win out of a Braves uniform.
  • The Indians over the White Sox: Cliff Lee pitches another good game while a hundred scouts sit in the stands in the lost hopes that the Indians will unload him.
  • The Yankees over the Mariners: Joba Chamberlain should be better than Morrow, especially at Yankee Stadium.
  • The Bay Rays over the Blue Jays: Uh oh, here come the Bay Rays and it's pretty scary.
  • The Marlins over the Nationals: Notice how the Fan has picked all the favorites. So he'll go 10-5 and get -5 points after it's all said and done.
  • The Phillies over the Braves: Blanton over Lowe in a great match up. Don't want the Phillies to win, but they will.
  • The Reds over the Diamondbacks: Haran is pitching for the Diamondbacks, but his team is dead in the water.
  • The Brewers over the Mets: Johan Santana is pitching, but it's just too hard to picture the Mets beating anyone at this point.
  • The Rangers over the Angels: Feldman over Saunders. If the Rangers don't win, it's pretty much over.
  • The Twins over the Royals: Baker should be better than Bannister. The Twins are so unbelievably hard to pick. All that talent. Why don't they win more?
  • The Cardinals over the Giants: Chris Carpenter over Randy Johnson in a great match up.
  • The Astros over the Padres: The Astros win 3-2 with the Astros' three runs driven in by its pitcher.
  • The Tigers over the A's: Galarraga should be better than G-g-g-Geo Gonzalez.
  • The Rockies over the Dodgers: In a great match up, Marquis squeaks by while Billingsley pitches well in the loss.

Yesterday: 6-6
Week: 16-11
Month: 178-185 Will be a very good thing to get this month over!


bobook said...

11-4 gets you to .500!cupeadmi

Anonymous said...

Going to the Jays game tonight, but I don't think we'll have to much to cheer about. Here's to a solid start by the Canadian bred Richmond!