Friday, January 22, 2010

Rooting for Cabrera

A story on today confirmed that Miguel Cabrera has a drinking problem and spent three months in treatment. According to the story, Cabrera has said that he has changed his life around and hasn't had a drink in a long time. This Fan is hoping that Cabrera can stay strong through this and kick it.

The Fan knows all about alcohol abuse. There has been a lot of personal experience with family members and it isn't pretty. Knowing first hand the emotional stress such experiences can bring, it is really hoped for him and his family's sake that he is on the right road.

It has to be difficult for someone so young to be so talented and so rich. Most of us learn a little bit of wisdom before we get any scratch in life. But these players are rewarded so richly so quickly that it has to be difficult to keep on any kind of even keel. The Fan doesn't believe that money is the root of all evil, but it sure makes the temptations in life easier to obtain.

Miguel Cabrera has always seemed like a good guy. He plays like he enjoys what he is doing. And he should. One can only imagine how formidable he can be now that he is sober if he performed as well as he did with an addiction. And like anything else, it took a crisis for him to realize that he had a problem. Fortunately, that crisis didn't cost him his life or someone else's.

So the Fan is rooting for Cabrera just like the Fan is rooting for Josh Hamilton. We are all put on this earth with special gifts and talents. Too bad some of us don't get paid for our talents as richly as others. Or maybe it isn't too bad at all depending on how you look at it. All the Fan knows is that it would be great if Cabrera and Hamilton and others that struggle with abusive natures and conquer them and be the best they can be with the abilities they are given.

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