Saturday, March 27, 2010

Odd Sports Day With the Law

To show how much we are screwed up in this country, Gilbert Arenas was wrist slapped with 30 days in a halfway house for brandishing several guns in an altercation with a teammate (no less) and some poor kid was sent home by the Braves because he got caught in a sting trying to hire a hooker.

Duente Heath was the Braves prospect and granted, he wasn't a highly regarded prospect, but still. This is just a dumb kid who wanted a little action and was willing to pay for it. Color this Fan jaundiced, but we are talking about the world's oldest profession. And the only reason it's still illegal is that people are offended by the notion plus, the nations' law enforcement communities like the income these busts bring in the door. At most, this should have been a counseling session with the kid saying not to be so stupid and get caught.

We are so mixed up on which issue is more dangerous. We have bloody stuff on NCIS and all the CSIs and Bones and all those other television shows and nobody complains. Yet, if a show gets a little out of hand sexually, the networks can be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. How did we get so confused on priorities? Well, the Fan knows, but we don't have time for the entire Puritan, gun rights, wild west education series.

All the Fan is sure of is that Arenas deserved jail time and this Braves' prospect deserved the wrist slap. Here's a new/old idea. Let's stop wasting our valuable law enforcement energy on a "crime" that is older than time and tax the crap out of it. Want to pay for health care? Tax the hookers and the pimps. But for gosh sakes, if a guy who has it all doesn't have enough of a sanity base to wander around with an arsenal of guns that could have killed somebody, then lock the guy up and show that this is truly a crime that we cannot safely tolerate.

This country is stupid some times.

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