Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two Weeks Away From Opening Day

When there isn't any reality to the games being played in Spring Training, the normal things to do is to pour over the box scores anyway to see who might break out or who might be the next big thing. The other thing to do is to watch the transaction line to see what phenom is going to get a chance and which won't and perhaps which veteran is going to make one last cut or which is going to go on the scrap heap. Yesterday wasn't much different. Here are some observations:

  • Aceves probably hurt any chance he had to become the fifth starter for the Yankees yesterday with a poor performance.
  • The Padres played two games with split squads and won them both. In 18 innings of work, their pitchers only gave up two runs. Latos and LeBlanc were particularly impressive. The Padres could be surprising as some of the players they got in the Peavy deal look good.
  • The Royals played two games with split squads and scored zero runs on 15 hits. It's going to be a long year for Royal fans again.
  • Ben Sheets had a good outing for Oakland, which after a brutal spring has to give the team hope.
  • Already wrote about the transaction wire yesterday, so will not write further on that frustrating subject.
  • The Angels finally scored some runs yesterday but still lost 11-10. And those runs were scored by very few of their regular players.
  • Todd Wellemeyer, given up on by the Cardinals is having a great spring for the Giants. If he can keep that up and give them a good year behind Cain and Lincecum, the Giants could have a better year than expected.
  • Cervelli, the Yankees backup catcher, has had a great spring and is going to be a major upgrade over Molina. Dare the Fan say that he likes Cervelli back there more than Posada?
  • The Fan keeps seeing this "C. Curtis" in the Yankees lineup in left field and can't help thinking about Chad Curtis. Remember him?
  • Tim Wakefield just keeps rolling along and threw five scoreless innings yesterday. He's got to make the rotation for the Red least as long as his aged back holds up.
  • Liriano looks great for the Twins and his three scoreless innings should end all closer talks about the guy. He could be the Twins' best starter this year, why put him at closer?
  • Hafner is mashing the ball for the Indians. Could he be back?
  • Spence is having a great spring for the Astros. Their problem though is that only he and Lee can hit on that team.
  • Vernon Wells seems poised to have a comeback year. He's having a very good spring. And Aaron Hill is still hitting homers which may prove that last year wasn't a fluke.
  • Phenoms Austin Jackson and Jason Heyward were hitless yesterday. Uh oh.
  • Ike Hill should be the Mets' starting first baseman when the season starts, not Murphy.

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