Monday, October 11, 2010

Game Picks - Monday: October 11, 2010

One too many errors by poor Brooks Conrad were all the difference for the Braves and for the results for this picker. Without the error, the Braves are 2-1. Instead, the Braves are 1-2. Without the error, this picker was 2-1. With the error, this picker was 1-2. Poor Brooks Conrad. And those plucky Tampa Bay Rays caused the other incorrect pick. They sent the series back to their home, which doesn't make a whole hill of beans difference as there will be as many Ranger fans there as Bay Rays fans. But even so, strange things can happen and they can beat Cliff Lee. It will be interesting.

Only one game today as the Phillies' script was perfectly executed as were the Reds and their season.

- The Giants over the Braves: The Braves had their chance and now it's simply Bumgarner versus Derek Lowe. Lowe's post season heroics notwithstanding, he's pitching on short rest. The Braves will get a long rest after this one.

Yesterday: 1-2
Week: 1-2
Month: 33-26
Season: 1360-1041

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