Saturday, October 16, 2010

Game Picks - Saturday: October 16, 2010

Well, the Yankees pulled one out last night and the Rangers had their nutmegs grounded into powder. You had to feel for their fans as there were long faces all over that stadium. Can the Rangers rebound? Maybe they get a win in Game Three, or maybe not. But that was one tough loss.

One of the most anticipated match ups in post season history occurs tonight with Halladay versus Lincecum. Talk about marquee names! But this is how the games should go:

- The Phillies over the Giants: Halladay struggled after his first no-hitter (and perfect game) earlier in the season. It was his only rough patch of the season. Will he struggle after his most recent no-hitter. Don't think so. The Giants' line up should be even feebler against him than the Reds were. Lincecum has to be at his very best to win this game. That's a lot to ask.

- The Yankees over the Rangers: Hughes is flat out better than Lewis and with Lewis, the Yankees can field their regular line up and include Berkman. The Rangers bullpen is a mess. Can't see this going any other way.

Yesterday: 1-0
Week: 4-2
Month: 36-26
Season: 1363-1041

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