Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday's Results Surpising

When writing the game picks on Saturday morning, the Fan was troubled concerning the fate of each and every no-hit pitcher after performing the prodigious feat. Despite that inner voice, the Fan still figured the Phillies would find a way to win the game. During that same post, this Fan figured that it was not in the realm of possibility that the Rangers could bounce back from their crumbing loss on Friday. Both beliefs couldn't have been more wrong. The Phillies did not find a way to win the game. They only found a way to drag their bats back to the dugout whiff after whiff. Thirteen times between Lincecum, his set up guy and his closer struck out the veteran Phillies. And the Rangers scored often and early knocking out their second straight Yankee starter and this time the bullpen was perfect.

Now the Yankees head back to their home park to face Cliff Lee, a pitcher they cannot seem to beat and the Phillies have lost their home field advantage and suddenly look a bit old and slow compared to the Giants who don't know any better than to think they are outclassed by their NLCS rivals. Suddenly, both teams look like they are in trouble. Suddenly, the Yankees hopes will be on the old reliable Pettitte and if he fails against Lee, then the Yankees have to hope that Burnett can somehow win game four. Yeesh.

It won't get any easier for the Phillies as they have to face Sanchez, who suddenly is pitching deeper into games and attacking the zone more than ever before. He is just as capable of striking out Rollins three more times and Howard three more times. The Giants' bullpen looks dominant. Brian Wilson struck out four batters out of the four outs he recorded. This has really gotten interesting. Could the Giants and the Rangers actually take out the Phillies and the Yankees?

It certainly seems possible now, doesn't it?

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