Saturday, June 04, 2011

Game Picks - Saturday: June 4, 2011

Yesterday's picks called for some long odds to cash in. In some cases, those odds worked in this picker's favor such as the Brewers overcoming the hot hitting Marlins and Ricky Nolasco. But most of the time those long odds won. Ivan Nova and the Yankees hung in there against Jared Weaver, but couldn't put anything together against the bullpen. The Mets were actually winning until Francisco Rodriguez stepped on the mound. Juan Nicasio looked very good but the Rockies are simply stone cold dead right now. The Pirates won a game when the Phillies starter only gave up one hit. Probably the toughest wrong pick to take was getting Pavano'd for the first time since last year.

Now the Fan has had two negative days in a row. Granted, yesterday was just barely negative, but still. Saturday needs a rebound. Here are today's picks:

  • The Red Sox over the Athletics: Trevor Cahill doesn't have good career numbers against Boston. Josh Beckett should bounce back after walking five in his last outing. The Red Sox offense is clicking...which is an understatement.
  • The Cardinals over the Cubs: The Cubs are moribund. Kyle Lohse has had a great season thus far. Randy Wells is making his second start. The first one did not go well.
  • The Giants over the Rockies: When you look at this game at face value, the Rockies have the better offense. But it's been cold. The Giants should win this game with Madison Bumgarner beating Jhoulys Chacin.
  • The Dodgers over the Reds: Great match up of Clayton Kershaw against Johnny Cueto. Kershaw looks dominant these days. Dodgers win.
  • The Rays over the Mariners: Jeremy Hellickson makes the difference here. Though the Bay Rays aren't hitting, they have a better chance at scoring off of Doug Fister than the other way around.
  • The Pirates over the Phillies: This Fan wasn't in favor of sending Vince Worley to the minors and letting Kyle Kendrick make this start. Going with Charlie Morton instead.
  • The Rangers over the Indians: Derek Holland needs to be good, but the Rangers' offense has hit its stride and Fausto Carmona has been brutal of late.
  • The Blue Jays over the Orioles: Okay, the Fan finally gets it. The Orioles never beat the Blue Jays. The tough Ricky Romero proves that out tonight against Jake Arrieta.
  • The Braves over the Mets: Two immovable objects collide. The Mets never lose behind Dillon Gee and the Braves never lose behind Jair Jurrjens. One of those immovables has to crumble.
  • The Tigers over the White Sox: Justin Verlander makes the difference in this game as he faces Edwin Jackson. The White Sox are hot right now though.
  • The Twins over the Royals: The Royals have found different ways to beat themselves against the struggling Twins thus far. Nick Blackburn wins and Luke Hochevar loses.
  • The Nationals over the Diamondbacks: Tough, tough game to pick with a match up of Livan Hernandez against Joe Saunders (who has won two straight). Livan hasn't won since forever, but is used to pitching in Arizona. Going with Livan.
  • The Padres over the Astros: Aaron Harang makes the difference in this game as he should hold down the Astros while the Padres get to Eneury Rodriguez.
  • The Yankees over the Angels: C. C. Sabathia is the man for the Yankees, who need to rebound with a win tonight. Ervin Santana can be had early in the game, which is the Yankees M.O. this season.

And the Game of the Day!

  • The Brewers over the Marlins: Yovani Gallardo has been very good over several outings. Chris Volstad has been worse than ever this season.

Yesterday: 7-8
Week: 46-37
Month: 19-18
Season: 462-385
Games of the Day: 37-28

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