Thursday, June 23, 2011

Game Picks - Thursday: June 23, 2011

Interleague play needs to end...soon. This picker can't make heads or tails out of these games, which has to be obvious to anyone following along. The Yankees and Reds split a double-header, just like this picker thought. But each team won the game the Fan thought they would lose. So they were both wrong. The Mets blew a save in the ninth seemingly saving that pick. But they went on to win in extras. The Red Sox have lost two in a row to the Padres. The Padres? Boston? The Rangers have lost two of three to the Astros. The Astros? Erik Bedard was brilliant. But his team's defense and offense stunk and he lost after giving up only two unearned runs. The Blue Jays finally got a homer from Jose Bautista. But that's all they got off of Brian Beachey, who was superb. What the heck? At least the Game of the Day feature continues to sing its happy little tune while the rest of Rome burns to the ground.

For the first time in quite a while, we have a real short schedule on a Thursday. Only five games are scheduled. They should go like this:

  • The Mariners over the Nationals: The Nationals are hot and have their pitcher, Jason Marquis, with the most amount of wins on the mound. But the Mariners counter with Michael Pineda. Pineda is as good as it gets.
  • The Athletics over the Mets: This Fan always roots for Chris Capuano because of the comeback story. But Graham Godrey shut down his last opponent.
  • The Giants over the Twins: If this picker had to pick between Tim Lincecum and Brian Duensing a hundred times, they would all go to Lincecum. Watch it be wrong then.
  • The Cardinals over the Phillies: There is no doubt that the Cardinals are struggling. But Chris Carpenter is so due for a win that it's not funny. Roy Oswalt is the weakest link in the big four for the Phillies.

And the Game of the Day!

  • The Diamondbacks over the Royals: Daniel Hudson is really good. Felipe Paulino is really unlucky.

Yesterday: 7-9
Week: 26-29
Month: 166-143
Season: 601-508
Games of the Day: 53-31

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