Thursday, September 29, 2011

BBA Link Fest - General Euphoria

Each week, this site features the best from around the country and world with links from the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. What a treat it is to read all these peers.

This week is a little different because some of the links are related to individual topics and some are links to the sites' picks for the various BBA awards. First the general links from the generals:

Going Yard celebrates "Brewtober" with grand style and passion.

Theo over at Hot Corner Harbor has a long and terrific pondering of whether Justin Verlander should be the Most Valuable Player.

Diamond Hoggers compares two teams desire to win.

Daniel has a review for you of Moneyball over at the Ball Caps Blog. Hint: He liked it a lot.

Mickey Brignall ponders if Jacoby Ellsbury's heroics in Yankee Stadium altered his MVP chances over at The Call to the Pen.

Baseballism celebrates the wild wild card race with verve and style and a nice history lesson.

The Batting Stance Guy has gotten famous imitating baseball players. Now a site is imitating him! The Hall of Very Good has all the details.

Rob Bland's post seems more topical now than ever as he wondered what happened to Carl Crawford in this MLB Reports post.

In one of this writer's favorite reads of the week, Bill and The Common Man have a give and take about the new Moneyball movie over at The Platoon Advantage..

Over at the BaseBlawg, Robbie Clark makes a stunning and welcome announcement. Way to go, Robbie!

For those of you that like visual evidence of an actual problem (this writer does!), you can't do better than this piece over at The Baseball Index that shows just where Daniel Bard went wrong.

Jonathan Mitchell over at MLB Dirt is in awe of Matt Moore. And rightly so!

A new obsession for this Fan has been watching Sully Baseball videos from the terrific Paul Sullivan. Here is an example. Watch them all!

And now for the awards links:

Aaron Somers over at Blogging From the Bleachers (love that name) casts his votes for the Willie Mays Award here and here. The Willie Mays Award goes to the top rookies. Then he casts his votes for the Connie Mack Awards here and here. The Connie Mack Award goes to the top manager.

Baseballism casts its official ballot in all the awards here. Terrific!

Hot Corner Harbor chimes in with their picks for the Willie Mays and Connie Mack Awards.

For Baseball Junkies makes their Willie Mays and Connie Mack picks with gusto!

The Ball Caps Blog makes its recommendation for the Connie Mack Award.

MLB Dirt has their official vote tallied in the Connie Mack Award.

Diamond Hoggers give you all their award votes in one shot. Great job!

Replacement Level Baseball Blog proudly gives us its vote for the Connie Mack and Willie Mays Awards.

Old Time Family Baseball casts its Willie Mays Award ballot here and its Connie Mack Award ballot here.


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