Thursday, May 17, 2012

BBA Linkfest - The patter of General beat

Another week, another links post. And there sure is a lot of good stuff to bring you this week from the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. If this links compiler sounds more like a cheerleader than the president of this body, it is only natural because it is an honor to present these links to you every week. Pour yourself a hot beverage, have another Pop Tart and enjoy all this great stuff coming your way.

Let's start out in Left Field where our good friend has been doing a bang up job coming up with all-time teams for each franchise. Today, he features his all-time team born on this very day of May 17. Ozzie makes an appearance. No, not that one.

For Ryan Smith of Major League A**holes, this week was rivalry week in Chicago. It was a split decision.

Michael Holloway has a great piece on John Farrell's radical defensive shifts over at his Michael Holloway's Baseball Blog. Definitely worth checking out!

How many of us deluded fans think we affect the outcomes of games by what we do while watching the games from our couches? Now there is a book about it. Andrew Martin of MLB Dirt has the review.

Bernie Olshanksy of MLB Reports has a story of the Miracle Mets. No, not 1969. This year. This year!? Yup, you'll have to read this.

Nik of Niktig's Baseball Blog put together his all-time Boston Red Sox team.

Over at Old Time Family Baseball, that author called Derek Lowe, "Merlin." Since this compiler is a sucker for anything referring to King Arthur, that scores deeply in this book. Anyway, Lowe had a performance the contact-happy Twins would just drool over. And he did it against them.

Jeremy Sickel of the Pop Fly Boys tells us that the Kansas City Royals' second wave of talent is on the way. Let's hope this wave includes pitching.

In a post singed with irony over at The Platoon Advantage, Bill wishes Jack Morris a happy birthday. The irony comes from that site skewering his Hall of Fame credentials for years now. That is entertainment, folks.

The Replacement Level Baseball Blog takes a mulligan on one of its earlier top 100 picks of the best players in baseball. Corrects an oops but it's a great read.

The proprietor of The Sports Banter shows us where he has been lately.

The Indians are good this season? Sully over at Sully Baseball is surprised. Agreed.

This compiler is a sucker for posts about baseball history. So this post on Through the Fence Baseball about the weirdest game in history is the post of the week. Terrific.

Jonathan Dyer of the X-Log wonders when Carlos Gonzalez became a singles hitter. Probably when he said on's commercial that he would do it all.

Why isn't baseball's amateur draft as exciting as the NFL's? Never could figure that out. Perhaps 85% Sports' Eugene Tierney can rectify that with his mock draft. Excellent.

Baseball Unrated was wrong about Bryan LaHair, but at least admitted to it.

The Baseblog and Justin Jabs are celebrating their 100th post. Way to go, Justin! And what a cool way to celebrate!

Bet you have forgotten all about Manny Ramirez since he started the season on a 50-day suspension. Blaine Blontz hasn't. Call to the Pen has the details.

This article by Mario Salvini of Che Palle! does not translate well from Italian into English. But the sentiment and excitement for Alex Liddi is legit.

Matt Whitener of Cheap.Seats.Please. thinks it is a step in the right direction for the Cardinals to retire Tony La Russa's uniform number. But thinks the Cards have more work to do in that department.

TheNaturalMevs was thrilled about a phenom's first two MLB homers. Check it out on Diamond Hoggers.

The Baseball Index presents us with a surprise candidate for the starting NL All Star catcher. And yes, before the season, this compiler called the position a weakness for this player's team.

Ryan Bohlen of Full Spectrum Baseball has this compiler's favorite post of the week on the most exciting team in the NL Central. And it's not the team that you think.

This week's version of The Golden Sombrero "MLB Look-Alikes" is probably the best ever. Loved it.

The owner of The Grubby Glove is one terrific writer. One of our very best. Check out his latest.

In the time of the season category, The Hall of Very Good thinks Sammy Sosa is a zombie. Why is money wasted on the rich?

And last but not least, Theo of Hot Corner Harbor has an excellent read looking back at the Ryan Braun case.

Have a great week, everyone.

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Eugene Tierney said...

Thanks as always for linking to 85% Sports.

I think the lack of interest in college baseball is the reason the MLB draft isn't followed. Plus the fact each team takes about 50 players.