Monday, May 14, 2012

Game Picks - Monday: May 14, 2012

Three blown saves were the difference between a good 10-5 day and a losing 7-8 day. Two of the picks came crashing down on walk off grand slams by Giancarlo Stanton and Joey Votto. It is pretty good when your picks can be disrupted by something that has not happened in fourteen years. Not that there weren't other picks that were just dumb by this picker. But still--can't anyone hold a lead anymore? When you think about it, the pick was correct. The correct starting pitcher was selected in the match up. The problem comes in when the bullpen can't back up that correct match up pick.

For the first time in recent memory, all thirty teams are in action on a Monday. It's usually a travel day for somebody. But not today. Everybody is playing. Not complaining. Just saying. Here are the picks for this massive Monday:
  • The Cardinals over the Cubs: The temptation here is to pick Ryan Dempster, who has been really good. But the Cubs haven't given him a win on his last fourteen starts no matter how good he has pitched. His polar opposite is Jake Westbrook who is receiving the best run support in the majors.
  • The Phillies over the Astros: Lucas Harrell has been okay. And it seems these days that okay is all you need to beat the Phillies. But Joe Blanton has really pitched too well of late to pick against him.
  • The Yankees over the Orioles: Jason Hammel has been terrific. But Ivan Nova can be terrific too. This game is too close to call and will depend on which of the starters puts up more zeroes.
  • The Blue Jays over the Bay Rays: This feature has given the Blue Jays way too much credit this season. They are picked and they are picked and they lose two of three to the Twins, the lowliest team in baseball. This team has no consistency and nothing to hang your hat on. Well, there is one hat post, Brandon Morrow. The guy is a stud. Jeff Niemann pitched well against the Yankees, but is not that impressive otherwise.
  • The Braves over the Reds: No idea what to do with this one. First, the Reds rarely win back to back. Second, Randall Delgado for the Braves still scares this picker. But scarier still is Homer Bailey and that fear trumps the pick.
  • The Brewers over the Mets. Simply do not believe that Miguel Bautista can beat the Brewers. That's what this pick is about. Yovani Gallardo just has to be decent to win.
  • The Marlins over the Pirates: This isn't really a pick against the Pirates so much as it is a pick for the Marlins who are flying a bit right now. Anibal Sanchez is really good and really underrated. Brad Lincoln gets the start for the Pirates and he's been great in relief, but how will he do starting?
  • The Mariners over the Red Sox: Alright. This picker has been denigrating Jason Vargas all season and all he has done is pitched really well. You win, Vargas. Jon Lester goes for the Red Sox.
  • The Rangers over the Royals: The way the Rangers are hitting at home? You can't pick against that. Not when Bruce Chen is pitching his (albeit effective) lollipops out there. The only mild concern is that Scott Feldman gets the start.
  • The Twins over the Indians: The Indians have been the most confusing team of the season. They looked good until they went to Boston. Johnny Damon is not working out and is hitting a buck, fifty. Jeanmar Gomez had looked okay but was really hit his last time out. Who knows. Picking Carl Pavano to win is probably stupid though.
  • The Tigers over the White Sox: The Emoticon, Drew Smyly leads the AL in ERA. Bet you didn't expect that. But it's true. John Danks is unpredictable.
  • The Angels over the Athletics: Can't see Tyler Ross getting a win here over Dan Haren. Can't see it no matter how bad the Angels are looking.
  • The Dodgers over the Diamondbacks: Clayton Kershaw over this picker's beloved Ian Kennedy. Wish it weren't so, but it will be.
  • The Giants over the Rockies: Would really like to pick this Christian Friedrick kid. But the Rockies away from Coors are fairly toothless and Ryan Vogelsong is a good pitcher. 

And the Game of the Day:

  • The Nationals over the Padres: The Nats have to pretty bummed about that walk off loss yesterday. Ross Detwiler to the rescue. The former first round pick has been superb. Meanwhile, Tim Stauffer gets his first start of the season after starting the season on the DL with a sore elbow.

Yesterday: 7-8
Week: 7-8
Month: 97-80
Season: 286-229
Games of the Day: 21-17

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