Thursday, June 28, 2012

BBA Linkfest - ballots in general

Welcome to another circuit around the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Every Thursday, a links post celebrates the work of our great writers from around the world. The post heading comes from the fact that many of our folks are considering their All Star Ballot. This link compiler's ballot can be found here. But there are a lot more in these links than All Star picks. So, use that mouse and click to your heart's content.

Let's start with Call to the Pen since they always have great content. Justin Turner tells us that the Rockies are sellers who aren't selling their best chips.

Most people think Yankee fans are bad guys. But Mario Salvini of Che Palle! tells us the story of one who really was a bad guy.

It has been a treat to read Matt Whitener's stuff over at Cheap.Seats.Please. But Matt has a new gig and a step up the ladder, as they say. Good luck, Matt, and congrats.

This Fan's bud, TheNaturalMevs over at Diamond Hoggers writes about one crushing swing from Josh Willingham.

In a very fun post, For Baseball Junkies put their heads together and came up with their mid-season awards. Great read.

In a great piece over at Full Spectrum Baseball, Trish Vignola discovers some common ground with Ozzie Guillen. Let's hope Trish doesn't get fired soon too.

The Baseball Index gives us good news and bad news concerning the Arizona Diamondbacks. And the site joined Yardbarker. Cool.

Mike Rosenbaum, good friend and proprietor of The Golden Sombrero leads a charmed life. He has a post that leads off with a misspelling of a human waste event and it still works. How good is that? The post is funny too.

The wonderful guest posts continue over at The Hall of Very Good, celebrating that great site's anniversary. The favorite one this week was from good friend and uber-talented, Jeff Polman, who you should follow on Twitter as @mysteryball58.

Yay! Hot Corner Harbor's retired number series finally got to the Yankees! But make sure you also read the site's take on Cliff Lee too. Takes on a big-time writer, it does.

Left Field is back at creating wonderful posts in its All Time Teams series. This week covers the Cleveland Indians. Love this series!

Over at, the Giants surge is covered with a special wish for Tim Lincecum.

The Trevor Bauer Experience is set to begin for MLB fans. Michael Schwartze of MLB Dirt gives you this terrific scouting report. With video!

Ah. Nostalgia is as big a part of baseball as the present schedule. As such, this compiler absolutely loved Chuck Booth's retrospective on the Montreal Expos' record of drafting pitchers. Great stuff over at MLB Reports.

Nik over at Niktig's Baseball Blog posts his All Star Ballot. Thoughts?

Erik Eitel of has a great report on the state of minor league baseball attendance.

In a post that only MTD could come up with (yes, that's a very good thing), he has a post at his Off Base Percentage site on something the Cleveland Indians have collected more than any other team in history (probably). And be sure to read his other post even though this compiler is calling Mom to tell her that MTD called Matt Kemp a very bad name.

If you are a comic book fan, you'll adore this post at Old Time Family Baseball. And it even mentions the Metrodome. How cool is that?

This compiler completely agrees with Geoff Ratliff on his assessment of the Dodgers posted over at Pop Fly Boys this week.

Speaking of agreeing with stuff, how dead on is Jason Wojciechowski in his piece over at The Platoon Advantage on players celebrating. Preach it! And have a great time in Atlanta this weekend, Jason.

Replacement Level Baseball Blog has a well-thought-out and enjoyable-to-read version of the All Star Ballot.

Sully of Sully Baseball has his All Star Ballot at his site. Be sure to read his latest piece at Bleacher Report too on Phil Hughes. Excellent.

Jed Rigney of Through the Fence Baseball has a fun article on Kevin Youkilis' departure from the Red Sox. It is a love story of sorts.

Joey Smith of the X-Log is getting really sick of hearing one particular song at the ballparks. Right on. Maybe.

Russ Blatt of 85% Sports has a new way to pick the home field advantage of the World Series. It has to be better than the current way! Excellent post.

Forget the All Star Ballot. Baseball Unrated is doing the non-all stars over at that site. Here is an example.

Have a great week, everyone!

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