Thursday, June 21, 2012

BBA Linkfest - Summer in general

Another Thursday means another round of links from the great writers of the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. And since this is the first full day of summer (and a really hot one in the East), let this compiler summon you to summer fun from around the world. Please be a friend and click some links and leave some comments. It's great fun and you can do it in air conditioned settings.

MTD of Off Base Percentage is making his girlfriend jealous with all the attention he is giving Mike Trout. She looks like a keeper to this compiler. Step it up, my friend, step it up.

Old Time Family Baseball is having a really, REALLY good week with content. What a great site. This compiler's favorite and the post of the week goes to this wonderful piece on robots in baseball.

Mark Zell of the always reliable Pop Fly Boys, wonders about the 2012 Royals' pitching staff.

The Platoon Advantage has a great new feature called The Morning Cram Session. Except, when this compiler thinks of cram, it sounds like something Frodo ate in Morder. Anyway, the best one this week was a subject near and dear to this compiler's heart, the "mockery" that is now the Hall of Fame.

Replacement Level Baseball Blog has an excellent post on the dominance of the American League and how long it can last. 

You can forgive the owner of The Sports Banter for not posting recently. A beautiful new baby girl does kick the stuffing out of regular blogging. But his priorities are right and his recent post shows us what we've been dearly missing.

Much thanks goes to Sully of Sully Baseball for his great service of providing us with an updated list of each franchise's most recent no hitter. Super!

Jake Mastroianni of Through the Fence Baseball wonders if the Seattle Mariners should trade Felix Hernandez. 

The Nationals have it all backwards, says Mike Cardano of the X-Log. He makes a compelling case.

Wezen-ball once again opened his old site for his fiance to write another terrific piece, this one on Father's Day. Very touching. She might be as good as you, Larry.

In a piece that absolutely burned the soul of this compiler, Russ Blatt of 85% Sports tells why A.J. Burnett should be an All Star. 

Now that he has completed his move to the East Coast, the author of The Ball Caps Blog must now deal with Phillies Phanatics. Heh. Poor blighter.

Baseball Unrated has some reactions to the Roger Clemens' verdict.

Justin Jabs is taking eight weeks off from his Baseblog, but it is for a super cool and worthy job. Enjoy, Justin. We'll miss you.

Spencer Hendricks of Call to the Pen lauds the Royals' bullpen and rightly so. Timely and excellent post.

Mario Salvini of Che Palle! celebrates Matt Cain's perfect game.

Matt Whitener of Cheap.Seats.Please. has a very moving tribute post to Jack Buck. A must read.

This compiler loves Davey Johnson and managerial genius, Joe Maddon, has a long way to go to be as great a manager as Johnson has been. Supercooldude, TheNaturalMevs, is inspired enough too to create this great post over at Diamond Hoggers.

Dugout 24 has a post about a really cool event that happened at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City recently. Cool!

The OCP wrote a great piece about Phillies broadcaster, Chris Wheeler over at For Baseball Junkies.

Since we are on a broadcast frame of mine, how about an excellent post by Bill Ivie of Full Spectrum Baseball on how to fix the baseball booth?

The Baseball Index talks about the really sad news concerning Brandon Beachy. What a bummer.

The first baseball game this compiler ever saw live was at Shea Stadium when Dad took us. We sat right behind home plate and it was Bob Veale of the Pirates versus the Mets. Veale sure was mean looking. Ed Kranepool hit a homer to win the game. And thus, those memories have a supreme soft spot for this piece by  Grubby Glove remembering that stadium. Thanks for the memories, friend.

The Hall of Very Good is having a major anniversary celebration! As part of the fun, the site has been opened up to guest writers to create HOVG Heroes. Loved this one by Dean Hybl on Boog Powell. Loved Boog Powell!!

Theo has a superb post over at Hot Corner Harbor on Roger Clemens, the verdict and the Hall of Fame. Must read.

Hmm...a Hall of Fame inner circle. Who would you put there? Left Field gives his list. What would yours look like?

Pverniere of was not a big fan of the panic button pushed by the White Sox this week. Don't blame him.

Jonathan Mitchell of MLB Dirt has great analysis on what Colby Rasmus is doing correctly these days. The post has great charts and everything. Awesomeness.

Bill Veeck was one of the most fascinating stories of baseball history. Therefore, Jonathan Hacohen's amazing and wonderfully written review of a new book on the subject is most welcome. MLB Reports.

And finally, Nik of Niktig's Baseball Blog wonders who will close now that Valverde is on the shelf.

Have a great week, everyone!

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