Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Disabled List All Star Team

Great players on the disabled list is a terrible thing. Oh, it may aid your favorite team if the star of the opposing team cannot play, but for the most part, it deprives baseball fans of seeing the best talent on the field. In some cases like Grady Sizemore, it deprives fans of seeing how great a career could have been. Injuries are the bane of baseball. For pitchers, there are the dreaded shoulder or elbow problems. But just as prevalent these days are upper body muscle strains. Knee injuries are the worst for position players but hamstring and other body pulls are right up there with them. To give you an idea of what we are missing, the following list is an All Star team made up of great players currently on the disabled list. We miss you guys.

And these are just the best players currently on the disabled list. There are many more either young or exciting players that fans around the majors are missing. It is a shame, really. A fact of life, but a darn shame.

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