Sunday, July 22, 2012

Game Picks - Sunday: July 22, 2012

Is it ever a really good day when your favorite team loses? Well, the picks had a great day anyway with eleven correct picks in sixteen attempts. Both ends of the Nats - Braves double-header were dead on which always helps.  A.J. Burnett won his eleventh. There were a few clunkers. Yes, this picker is looking at you, Cleveland. The Royals. The Stupid Royals. The hardest team to pick in baseball. What the heck, eh? But on the whole, it was a successful day and week.

A new week starts with Sunday. Some might wonder why this prognosticator doesn't start the week on Monday. Look at your calendar, folks. Sunday is the first day of the week. Anyway, another big day of games. Let's get to them:

  • The White Sox over the Tigers: The Tigers took over first place by a half a game yesterday and can make it a game and a half today and put their stamp on the division. And...and...have Jacob Turner scheduled to start. :::deflation sound:::  Phil Humber better be decent though for the White Sox to win.
  • The Mets over the Dodgers: What do you do when you have two starting pitchers that are never supported with runs? Why, go with the home team, of course. Nathan Eovaldi never gets any runs. Never. Jon Niese at least gets one once in a while.
  • The Reds over the Brewers: Mike Fiers has been very, very good. But Johnny Cueto is an ace. The ace limits the Brewers and the Reds win by a couple of runs.
  • The Nationals over the Braves: The Nationals are going with Ross Detwiler who has a chance once in a while of pitching a decent game. The Braves are going with Jair Jurrjens who has thrown one good game all year. Nationals.
  • The Marlins over the Pirates: The wayward Marlins steal a win here behind Anibal Sanchez. The Pirates only shot is to for Jeff Karstens to continue to be amazing and/or get to Sanchez early.
  • The Giants over the Phillies: The Giants are making sure the Phillies are sellers in this market instead of buyers. Barry Zito has not been a laughingstock this season. Joe Blanton is pitching decently, but can be had.
  • The Red Sox over the Blue Jays: This game wants to trip this picker up. You just know it. Jon Lester has been bloody awful. So picking against him seems the way to go. Henderson Alvarez was good against the Yankees, so that seems the way to go. The Blue Jays pick yesterday was correct, so that seems the way to go. You're not fooling this old picker, Red Sox.
  • The Royals over the Twins: Okay, Royals. Make a mockery of this pick again. Sam Deduno goes for the Twins. He throws too many walks. But the Royals don't walk. Hmm... Jeremy Guthrie is one of those good stuff - bad results kind of guys like A.J. Burnett before this year. The thinking here is that Guthrie will be so happy to be away from Coors that he will be doing a jig on the mound.
  • The Cardinals over the Cubs: The bloom came off the Travis Wood rose his last time out as he was treated rather rudely. It is tough to pick Lance Lynn, not because he isn't terrific, he is. But it seems he brings out the worst in the Cardinal bullpen.
  • The Indians over the Orioles: The Orioles' pitching has suddenly righted itself. Or the Indians simply can't hit. Whichever the case, the latest Oriole pitcher offered up is Zach Britton, another of the young pitchers that has never put it together. What him pull another Chris Tillman and make this picker pull his hair out. If Josh Tomlin is right, there will be fifteen Oriole ground balls hit in this one.
  • The Padres over the Rockies: Ross Ohlendorf is 3-0. You may now commence laughing. But really, he was decent against the Astros. But pitching well against the Astros is like eating beautifully with chocolate. It is sort of expected. But here is the thing. There are not too many days in a lifetime when two pitchers named, "Ross," pitch on the same day. For them to both win on the same day would be, like, momentous. So it has to happen! Christian Friedrich will be the happy spectator for his 75 pitches.
  • The Yankees over the Athletics: Well, this pick has been wrong all weekend. But this is why C.C. Sabathia gets paid the big bucks, to stop these little slides. The A's mistake in this one is not sticking with one of the young kids. Bartolo Colon will be treated rudely by his former mates.
  • The Diamondbacks over the the Astros: The Astros are in the home stretch for the Number One pick in the draft and they are working it hard. They will make Josh Collmenter look good. Jordan Lyles doesn't stand a chance.
  • The Rangers over the Angels: Not as confident in this pick as would be nice. Matt Harrison is vastly underrated. Dan Haren wasn't pitching well when he went on the DL. But will he be great again coming off of it? Tough pick.

And the Game of the Day!

  • The Bay Rays over the Mariners: Two pathetic offensive teams. Seriously pathetic. That said, Matt Moore has a better chance to blank the other team than Blake Beavan does.

Yesterday: 11-5
Last week: 62-37
Month: 139-104
Season; 771-620
Games of the Day: 60-42

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