Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Leagues Monthly - Issue 2

The second issue (August) of Big Leagues Monthly, a new e-magazine, is out and as a senior writer for the new work, your favorite Fan was asked to write a piece on Derek Jeter. That might be one reason to go read. But the truth is that the magazine is chock full of great baseball writing from the likes of Stevo-sama, Lew Freedman, Lincoln Hamilton, Jared Thatcher, Nathaniel Stoltz, Blaine Blontz, Mike Rosenbaum and many others. There are 64 pages chock full of great baseball writing all in one spot for you to read. Big Leagues Monthly! Check it out. And here is a teaser from the Jeter story. Read more starting on Page 27:

"Somewhere between the run of four championships in the first five full seasons of Derek Jeter’s career, the player became a demigod. His play, as recorded by the main stream media, became larger than life. The hyperbole of his heroics elevated him above simply being a terrific player who will someday be enshrined in Cooperstown. Instead, he became “Captain Clutch” and “Mr. November”. All of the hype unfortunately set Jeter up for potshots of the analytic world and took the focus off of what has genuinely been a remarkable career. The real truth of the kind of player Jeter has been lies between the hype and the history."

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Thomas Slocum said...

Wow, what a great lead! I've bookmarked and will read more but (naturally) I did read your article. Happy to see that you've confronted the fielding issue head on, though I think you may have taken the easier path. Granted, Jeter is not, and never has been, an elite fielding shortstop in the Mark Belanger, Ozzie Smith mold but he makes the routine play, turns the DP well, ranges well to both sides, has a reasonably strong arm, and makes heady plays due to a remarkable game sense. Couple all that with his offensive abilities and I do believe you indeed have an elite major league shortstop.