Monday, October 15, 2012

Game Picks - Monday: October 15, 2012

The post season continues to confound this game picker. Well, one out of two isn't terrible. But there hasn't been a post season day yet where the picks were over .500. The big mistake yesterday was in not picking the Cardinals to win. They have this post season thing down after two years of running on full throttle. And their formula is simple. They do not let up offensively and they throw as many relievers out there until one of them can stop the other team.

As for the Yankees, we will not speak of them here. Suffice it to say that yesterday's rant against them was totally earned and they lived up to all of it yesterday.

Only one game on tap for today as the NLCS continues. The pick:

  • The Cardinals over the Giants: Who cares what kind of season Chris Carpenter had or how few his reps have been since he got back. His post season record? 10-2, 2.88. Are you going to argue with that? He is an arrogant mofo, but he knows how to minimize damage in the playoffs and that's what you need from your starter. Ryan Vogelsong, like Madison Bumgarner (yesterday's loser) is perplexing. His season numbers look good, but he had stretches where he couldn't get anyone out. There is simply no confidence at this point that he can slow down the Cardinals' offense. Cards win.

Yesterday: 1-1
Post season: 9-16
Season: 1342-1083

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