Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Game Picks - Wednesday: October 17, 2012

The ridiculously awful performance of these picks in the playoffs continue. How bad is it? If both LCS went full term and the World Series went to seven games, not missing a single pick the rest of the way would barely even out the record. Ugh. The entire year of picking is going down in flames faster than the Yankees against the Tigers. Oh yeah, that pick was wrong too. But what can you expect when the Yankees' starter, Phil Hughes, blows out a disc in his back in the fourth inning and Justin Verlander is getting called strikes five or six inches outside on a night he didn't have his best control? And that lineup that Joe Girardi put out there? Whuh? Sure, with the season on the line, put out your "B" team lineup. Okay. That will work. And why oh why do these games have to start so late? If school children want to watch, they are zombies at school. But who cares about bridging fans to the next generation when there are a few extra television dollars to be had? Got it.

Yeah, this picker is grouchy. So sue then. Here are Wednesday's picks:

  • The Cardinals over the Giants: Kyle Lohse at home seems to be a logical pick. Matt Cain is an ace, but even aces have to face that Cardinal lineup that has no letup in it at all. And even Matt Holliday has to hit some time. Just don't hit a ball to him out there in left field. This is going to be a good series. Two plucky teams that have been here before.
  • The Tigers over the Yankees. Yeah, so C.C. Sabathia is pitching. The Yankees still have to hit. And with Girardi pulling the ripcord on the lineup card for match ups instead of living and dying with his best players, things are not going to get better. Sabathia will make one or two mistakes. One will be to Miguel Cabrera and the other will be to that guy who is terrible against everyone except the Yankees, Delmon Young. A sweep sure is an ignoble way for a team to go. But hey, they made the flawedTigers look like the best team ever, so they deserve what they get. 

Yesterday: 0-1
Post season: 9-18
Season: 1342-1085

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