Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Game Picks - Tuesday: October 16, 2012

There was only one pick yesterday and since it included the St. Louis Cardinals, of course it was wrong. Chris Carpenter still looked mean, but he couldn't get the job done as the Giants scored four runs against him (yes, two were unearned) and the Giants won easily. This is a series where the unlikeliest World Series champ of 2010 meets the unlikeliest WS champ of 2011. So anything can happen because both teams know how to pull rabbits out of their hats.

But the NLCS takes a break today and instead we get the Tigers and Yankees. Ugh. Justin Verlander versus Phil Hughes in Detroit. The Yankees are already down, two games to none, have lost Derek Jeter and can't seem to hit a tree four-wheeling in a dense forest.  So is the pick that cut and dried then?

  • The Yankees over the Tigers: The Yankees may be on their backs, but they are not dead yet. Verlander is only 5-4 in his career against them and two of his three starts against the Yankees in 2012 have been ordinary. And Phil Hughes is no slouch. Hughes pitched brilliantly against the Orioles in the ALDS and has handled the Tigers pretty well in 2012 and for his career. His career strikeout to walk ratio against the Tigers is 4.0 and it was 3.8 this season in his two outings.The Yankees have nothing to lose, can breathe a little easier being out of New York where everyone is currently against them and perhaps, just perhaps, their bats might come alive. Then again, perhaps Justin Verlander can throw a no-hitter too. As you can see, based on the playoff record of this picker down below, this picker has nothing to lose either.

Yesterday: 0-1
Post season: 9-17  [terrible]
Season: 1342-1084

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