Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Edwin Encarnacion and his arm bar home run trot

After hitting 42 homers in 2012 and finishing April with nine more, it is pretty apparent that Edwin Encarnacion has arrived as an elite power hitter in Major League Baseball. And Mr. Encarnacion does not hit little cheap shots either. He crushes baseballs. He hit two in last night's game that were just crushed. But I noticed something unique in his home run trot. While he was circling the bases, he puts his right arm in a stationary position. I am not sure how how Major League pitchers feel about his trot, but they sure look fun.

Here is what I am talking about. Here is one of the homers. Watch him as he rounds second and heads to third. Gosh, that ball was crushed!

Here is the other one and he does it again on the second homer. I could not embed these so you have the link instead.

Have you ever seen anyone do that before? I have not. I am sure that someone has asked Edwin about the move, but until I find it, all I can do is speculate about what he is doing. Here are my guesses:
  • He is taking his Blue Jays' teammates on a pony ride.
  • He is strolling with his lady friend around the bases.
  • Hitting homers is like leaning at the bar of his favorite Toronto pub.
  • He is making sure his armpits are aired out before he gets greeted by his teammates.
  • He is walking the dog and the pitcher was his dog.
  • Hitting home runs is like square dancing.
  • The game is so easy for him that his arm is resting up on his easy chair.
  • He needs the aerodynamics to keep making left turns.
  • He is warding off bad mojo from glaring outfielders.
  • He is waiting for a hawk to land on his arm.
  • Hitting homers is like being a passenger in a car with the window down.
Do you have any more ideas? Or maybe you have read an article about it. Whatever Encarnacion is doing, it is kind of cool and different. One thing is also sure: Edwin Encarnacion has become one hitter I would gladly pay to see hit again and again.

Update** My good friend, Navin, who knows all things Toronto sports says (in the comment section) the move is called, "The Edwing." I could not find a Google reference, but if Navin says it, it is gold to me.


Left Field said...

Another theory is he's raising his arm in preparation for high-fiveing the third base coach...just doing it well in advance.

Anonymous said...

after the second one thats what i thought because after he gave the high five, the armed dropped to normal

Nav said...

They call it the "Edwing" in Toronto. May it fly forever.

Anonymous said...

You can follow Eddie's right arm (chicken wing) on Twitter. May it fall off mid circuit...

Andrew Ward said...

There was a player who played for Seattle (Clark?) who did the one wing down home run trot back in the eighties. Wish I could remember his name. Give Edwin credit for not standing at home plate admiring the homers.

Anonymous said...

My theory is that he's waiting for a fist bump from the defence and it just hasn't happened yet.

Peapod said...

He is on a
motorcycle with one hand on the handlebar going around the corner!

Ben Tipton said...

I theorize it's the part of him that's been closeted and subconsciously comes out when he forgets himself in the joy immediately following a HR.